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I have some custom paintings I made ages ago that I would like to make into regular old recolors of The Lady On Red now that I have SimPE. (Also, that way, I can share them properly. Smile ) I've tried following this tutorial, since it seems the most recent. I've also looked at this one and this one, but they seem to be for an older version of SimPE. I keep getting stuck at a stage that's not even mentioned in the tutorial: a box comes up after Step 5 that says "Subset selection", only nothing ever comes up or happens, and the box doesn't go away. I've left it untouched for ten minutes, just in case it's a slow process, but no changes.

What am I missing? What can I do to actually recolor this picture? Or is it just that SimPE is fussy?

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I wrote a tutorial to create books, but you can do this with any object so also paintings. Maybe it can help you:
Btw: There are no links in your text to the tutorials you mention so this is all I can give you with the info you gave.


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