Sims 2 UC Windows 10 lag?
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So, I recently finally bothered to download and install Sims 2 Ultimate Collection last week and I've gotten most things to work smoothly except for one thing: There's lag/micropausing on larger lots with around 18-20 sims on them? (aka the largest premade uni dorm). It's not unplayable, but given my system specs, I don't think it should be happening? I do unfortunately have the 1709 update.

Things I have tried:
Using GraphicsRulesMaker - doesn't seem to have made a difference.
Manually editing the graphics rules - attached, as I'm unsure if I did it correctly
Removing Securom - the utility couldn't actually find any on my machine in the first place
Use the nvidia card instead of intel - this limits me to fullscreen only, since I have the white screen glitch, but my intel seems to refuse to recognize antialiasing despite smooth edges being turned all the way up anyway, and no matter which card I use, the lag persists.
Clean manual reinstall of nvidia drivers via DDU
Applying the 4gb patch
Running as admin and in all compatibility modes
Throttling my cpu
Fiddling with vsync on/off
Disabling hyperthreading via this post:
Using different resolutions

I attached all relevant documents, as far as I'm aware of (redacting personal information in the config log), but let me know if I'm missing anything important. The only thing I have yet to do is defrag and run checkdisk only because I am 99% sure my machine supposedly does that automatically on a schedule? But I wouldn't be surprised if it's not actually happening.

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.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 94.73 KB / Downloads: 341)
.txt  Graphics Rules.sgr.txt (Size: 34.22 KB / Downloads: 312)
.txt  Video Cards.sgr.txt (Size: 26.19 KB / Downloads: 347)
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