Crashing in CAS?
#1 15-05-2018 
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I have the Ultimate Collection and my game is crashing consistently in CAS. Generally, I've made a sim or more than one already, then as I'm flipping through the clothing catalog, the game crashes. The most recent time, I was on sim #3, a teen male, but it's also happened to an adult male and a teen female. I went through bodyshop and took out any files that were missing meshes/etc, just to be safe, but otherwise I'm at a loss. This has been every time I've used CAS in the past week.

I've attached my config.log

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#2 16-05-2018 
Can you save? Does it happen with cc? small amount of cc? large amount of cc? There seems to be a developing problem with the game and certain windows updates. Mostly with AMD cards, but there were others who did? Have you tried the 4 gb patch? because if you did, it isn't active (there is a work around for it but it doesn't work with the latest 2 updates from Origin unless you use a hacked exe) Do you have a problem with standby memory?


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