Recent Server Downtime
#1 18-05-2018 
I noticed that on or around May 07 was down for a few days until on or around May 15 and me and I am sure others were concerned about it. Could you let us know what was going on?
lordtyger9, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Oct 2015.

#2 18-05-2018 
The server died. The same servers were also tied to Modyourpanties failure as well. Fortunately there was a backup for this site. Unfortunately not all of MYP was backed up.

#3 19-05-2018 
Ahh well that makes sense, servers do die. Thanks for the information about MYP, I was wondering when they might get it back to working. Soon I hope.

I am glad that LeeFish is back, this is one of the sites I go to often, usually daily.


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