Okay, I'm Back and I'm In
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Ughh. I don't l like to talk about politics, either. It gets nasty so quickly just because people have different opinions.

I would so have gotten a mac this time because I love them, but I like to have all the expansions. So, I'll have to stick with a pc, much as I hate to.

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I'm not averse to discussing politics, generally, but this is indeed not the place. I just wanted to make a short reference, not planning to get a big discussion.

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...and I just got carried off on a brief rant, and maybe a brief historical exposition about Adlai Stevenson. Does anyone here earnestly believe that I'd come to a Simmy site with the express purpose of debating about politics? Honestly? o_O

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@Pizzatron-9000 No, we don't, friend. But for a moment you made it look like you did. I understand the occasional need to rant -- darnations, I *invented* rants --, but I still have a hard time describing the shock I experienced. And seeing how others respond, I think I wasn't the only one. Maybe we just don't know you that well, yet. It'll all be fine eventually. I'm not worried.

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Oh and of course if someone does want to switch to a Mac from a PC and play The Sims 2 on their new Mac, I would certainly be happy to help, it is just that I don't go around telling everyone that they should switch, since most of the time it is not something that they could do even if they wanted to as it would be expensive to buy a new computer, besides that it would be too much like Religious Proselytizing for me to do such a thing.

BTW I second what BoilingOil wrote.

On to different Sim 2 sort of subject, there is something that happened recently that I am quite happy about and I wanted to share. This happened something on the order of two days ago by now I think. So anyway there is a set of Women's clothes on MTS called lidiqnata's Small Gothic Collection and it has links to a couple of MESHES that are bad and no longer work, so I posted in a WCIF thread on Sims Cave and within the day I got a link to download the two MESHES I was missing by Blue of Sweetsims. It made me quite happy. A Really Fast Response! I can now use the two dresses in that set that I could not before.

If you are looking for some missing files like I was you might try Sims Cave. The Sims Cave Site is easy to navigate I think. Also sims2graveyard is dead and so is sims3graveyard as that site is dead as well.
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@lordtyger9 We wouldn't mind if you gave us a link to this Sims Cave. It's sims related, so it will not upset anyone. Smile

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The sims2 graveyard Twitter account said that they were looking for a new server. Sims cave and graveyard are both pescado hosted.

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(19-08-2018 10:52 AM)BoilingOil Wrote:  @lordtyger9 We wouldn't mind if you gave us a link to this Sims Cave. It's sims related, so it will not upset anyone. Smile

Sure one link coming up for the Index Page: http://simscave.mustbedestroyed.org/inde...tion=forum

I think one might have to register, but I am really not sure. I register at most every site now days and I don't recall if it is required that one registers.

I probably should have posted the link earlier, but a lot of times people are already aware of the sites when I find them. Maybe I have been spending too much time with a small in group of Simmers? I don't know I am going to go with me being old and forgetfull. LOL LOL

They seem reasonably nice at Sims Cave from what I can tell, and the site seems well organized. I make a point of doing a lot of reading and I explore web sites as well as I can.

To @leefish thanks for the information regarding the sims2graveyard I did not know that it was a Pescado site, and I am glad to hear that they are looking for a new server, hopefully they will find one and the site will be back up.

I knew that Sims Cave is a Pescado site, it was that .mustbedestroyed.org part of URL that was a giveaway. lol

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@lordtyger9 As you point out, if you see the "mustbedestroyed" phrase in the URL, you know that Pescado is behind it. It's impressive what all stuff he's saved from extinction this way.

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I am somewhat surprised that Pescado gets a bad reputation or negative opinion from certain people in the Community, I think he is admirable.

That is not to say that I don't think he is arrogant or that he is some how nice and polite since he calls himself a "Fat Obstreperous Jerk", I am quite sure he most likely can be a Jerk to some people at least. I also would think he is impatient with questions that have been answered before and or are answered in a FAQ or two, and this is based on extensive reading of his web site.

I am also sure that he is quite brilliant and I am also certain that he thinks his way is always the best. He has created a lot of mods a lot of which are very commonly used, I use a number of them myself. I pick and choose among his Director's Cut, some times I don't use something of his because I don't like his style of play, but that is not to say that the mod does not work, it is just that I don't always like how Pescado thinks I should play.

I have also noticed that he does a lot for the communty, he helped out the people who run Insimenator.org, he has his own web site, he has the booty, he has sim cave, I now understand that he is responsible for sim2graveyard.com and sims3graveyard.com

Anyway just because the man has an Attitude and is an Admitted Jerk at least on occasion, does not mean that he is that bad. Me I have an Attitude {ask some of Friends or some Cops about it} and I would not be surprised if some people might say that I can be a Jerk too. lol

I would not try to say that MATY is a friendly place, but I have posted there more than once and it was OK. I don't know if I would like Pescado or not as I have never really interacted with him.

Too bad I was not around years ago, I have been playing since 2011, but I was not aware of the various sites until sometime in 2015. Of course by 2011 Sims 2 had been out for sometime as M&G was released in 2008 heh.

I will say that LeeFish is a much more friendly sort of site and I tend to chat more here. lol


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