Pollination Technician on Campus
#31 03-09-2018 
(29-08-2018 06:41 AM)Pizzatron-9000 Wrote:  CJ-NoEngineWeenies. I have an entire family of Simmy mechanics with enough driveway space for about a dozen restorable cars. Is it any wonder that at more than one point, that family would have about half a dozen junk cars with the body work all finished and glossy-looking, but with the engines still stripped out? You could set your Sims to work on the car's body, then go take care of something else for a little while, then come back to find your Sim still buffing the chassis (unless he finished the body work, in which case he deserves a break). Try that with a Sim fixing the car's engine and by the time you come back from getting the Sim kids off to school, your mechanic's in the kitchen turning an omelette into charcoal, and the engine's still junk. I hated those engines! "Oh, look. The engine just farted in your face. I guess it's time for you to completely abandon your work and walk away from the junk car now." This mod makes your Sims shrug off engine farts and stay on the job. Thanks again, Cyjon!

I said it before and I'll say it again: Engine farts suck sour frog lips.

[Image: EngineFarts.jpg]

And despite all of that mess, Merelith got right back to work cranking on that engine with her wrench. So thanks again, Cyjon! Big Grin


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