Jump bug with slaved elevated hot tub
#1 12-08-2018 
Sorry I haven't been active here lately.

I normally drop by when I need some modding help. This issue is truly confounding.

The short version: I created a raised hot tub with the intention of slaving it to another object in the same set. This is one of those self-referencing objects like a poker table or a toilet stall, where you have to update every instance of "Test Object Type" in the BHAVs so that it references the correct GUIDs. While it looks great in game and the animation skeleton (the access door that Sims can open to tinker/repair is the only moving part) was done correctly, the Sims aren't able to use the hot tub for some strange reason. The first Sim can select "Get In" from the pie menu, but then does nothing and the object becomes unselectable for this Sim. The next Sim can select the "Join" option in the pie menu, and the object will perform normally, but when the third Sim selects "Join", the Sim using the object is snapped out and the object resets, but in now unseletable for everyone.

I ran TestingCheatsEnabled and recreated the error. The error message it generates is "No bone on model corresponding to name in routing slot on destination object".

I researched the issue on MTS. There are a couple of posts about the same thing happening, but I don't think a solution was ever found.

Anyway, before I yank out my few remaining hairs, I'm posting here. I'm attaching the full error log and the object for reference. Any insight would be appreciated.

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