Can I Safely Package Used Lots?
#1 13-08-2018 
So in light of my concerns about eventual game death through creeping corruption, it wasn't until I tried to submit one of my Hobby Dorms to the Sims Site That Shall Not Be Named that I got into the habit of packaging my freshly created lots. That way, if my TS2 installation should eventually self-destruct, I can unpackage those lots into a clean reinstallation and not lose all the work that went into building those lots. As I understand, it's not until after the lot is placed in a neighborhood and/or Sims first walk into the lot that the lot has any chance of being corrupted; it's all virgin clay before that. So some of my Bon Voyage campsites are safe, as are the dormitories that I've built from the Fruityboo Farm and Dormitory onward (including but not limited to the superbly crafted and pristinely maintained Romero House, which was soon placed in Sim State University and promptly infested with zombies intent on chartering their own Greek House).

[Image: TS2-RomeroHouse01.jpg]

[Image: ZombieTogaParty01.jpg]

[Image: ZombieTogaParty02.jpg]

[Image: ZombieTogaParty06.jpg]

[Image: ZombieTogaParty10.jpg]

But what about the dorms which I never thought to package before placing them in a neighborhood, like that Castle Von Carstein dorm that I won't shut up about? Is there any way to clean up those lots for packaging and preservation for future installations of TS2, or must these lots be consigned to oblivion whenever I must uninstall an installation which has grown too corrupt to persist? Sad

Thank you in advance.
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#2 14-08-2018 
Sharing lots that have had sims living in them is discouraged as it can cause corruption in other people's games. There is a mini tutorial in this thread at MTS for cleaning lots of sim references. Hope that helps Smile


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