Hi, guys! Long time listener, first time caller
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Okay, thanks. I'll look for it.

right after I asked Lordtyger9 that question I saw him a comment from him on the other site.

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I pretty much always try to be friendly and helpful and I can be found on several sims 2 sites, I sometimes just use lordtyger, but that is me too. I recognized smorbie as her name is really close to what she uses elsewhere and I went by context. I also have read a lot of her old posts and so even if she doesn't recognize me I still know something of her based on her old posts.

I recognized the pizza one even though I don't think he knows me as I like to browse old threads and I have a good memory, so I recognized him and I know something about him from reading old posts of his.

I have multiple browser windows open and I go to several Sims 2 web sites at the same time. This one {LeeFish}, MTS, Simbology, MATY, and InSim are the main ones, I also will frequently check out several others individual livejournal ones, Sims Cave, individual tumblr ones, etc.

I like BoilingOil as he tries to be helpful and he fixes his Mods if there is something that is not right about it and whatever it is can be fixed. I am familiar with most of the the well known Modder's websites, unfortunately not many Modders are active anymore being that The Sims 2 is old.

Most people I know that are Simmers are OK as far as I can tell. I don't know everyone of course, but I don't have any enemies that I know of. I do not spend time getting in to arguments online for the most part and I am very good about following the rules of a particular site. I actually READ the FAQs Imagine that! So I usually stay out of trouble online for the most part.

I do make a point of checking to see if there is something recently posted here or one can PM me.
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