Custom Majors Overriding Originals On Computers
#1 29-08-2018 
I've been having an issue with custom majors in game, and I'm hoping somebody here will be able to shed some light on the situation for me.

I only have four custom majors in my game (made by 3 different modders too), and all of them have their own GUID and should not override the default ingame ones - the modders say as much in the description, and that you must have FrikaC's Majors Made Easier mod to use them, which I do. Nobody else has commented on these mods with any problems. However, in my game, these majors do override the orginals on the computer - not the icon, just the name. The strangest part is that it only occurs sometimes.. Yesterday, I sent a group of students to uni in my main save and went to declare their majors on the computer, when I realised the originals had been overridden. I thought maybe something else was conflicting with them somehow so I turned off the game, generated a new game folder and put only the custom majors in the Downloads folder - and the originals were no longer overridden. So I went back out of the game and figured I may have to do the 50/50, but first I turned on the game once more in my current save (i.e. with all downloads again in my own hood) and, somehow, the originals were no longer being overridden! And stranger still, when I turned the game on today, the custom majors were back overriding them. I just repeated this little experiment again, to make sure I wasn't imagining things, and got the same results. What would cause majors to be overridden randomly like this? Literally the only change made was going from windowed mode to full screen. Oh, and I should mention that I have the same results on both Maxis and custom computers.

Also, I think this might be related. I have degrees from two sims who got a "Bachelor in Undeclared" (while all other degrees display the correct major, but only the default game ones) and I don't think this should be possible for two reasons - 1. Philosophy is automatically chosen if you don't declare by the end of junior year and 2. I have never left a sim undeclared. I think I had these two sims declare a custom major and for whatever reason it doesn't recognise that on the degrees - unless this is a known problem with custom majors? I have never really used them so I'm not sure.

I am seriously confused about what is going on, and I'm sure this is probably is something I'm overlooking or doing incorrectly. If anybody has any ideas about what the issue might be, I'd be very thankful. Smile

Oh, and just in case it's revelant, the four majors are Pharmaceutical Sales + Industry, Grilled Cheese and Auto Mechanics, all found on MTS, and I'm running The Sims 2:UC.
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#2 29-08-2018 
Yeah I found that this happens to me too. I use the Pharmaceutical Sales and Pharmaceutical Industry ones too. The Pharmaceutical Sales and Pharmaceutical Industry ones show up instead of the default ones. I don't know of a solution though, i think it might be a known issue and that is why FrikaC's Majors Made Easier mod is recommended. I am not sure why your two sims had a "Bachelor in Undeclared", I don't think I have had this happen, but I am not sure if it has or has not....sorry that I can't be of more help.

#3 29-08-2018 
@Klaartje knows a lot about majors. I have seen her about. Maybe she will help if she sees this.

#4 29-08-2018 
It's good to know I'm not the only one they are overriding for, though from the descriptions the modders give, it sounds as if they shouldn't?
For the pharmaceutical sales major, for example, they said "As usual, sims cannot choose any custom major using a computer (if they can that means the original maxis major has been overwritten!). Sims can choose custom majors right on campus by using FrikaC's Majors Made Easier mod." Which makes it seem as though the majors don't show on the computer in their game.

Thanks for the replies!


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