Rename My Mutt!
#11 03-09-2018 
This is slightly offtopic since I don't really have suggestions for new names for her, Checkers and Domino are both good! But I have a feeling you'd enjoy kitteninthewindow's puppies and kittens with patterns as well as puppies with accessory furs @Pizzatron-9000 Smile

#12 03-09-2018 
I'll have to check those links out. Thank you. Smile

#13 04-09-2018 
The motion has passed!

[Image: RenamingNegra01.jpg]

[Image: RenamingNegra02.jpg]

[Image: RenamingNegra03.jpg]

[Image: RenamingNegra04.jpg]

Simple as that! Smile

But because I couldn't leave Catherine's suggestion completely out in the cold (and hey, Domino is a pretty neat name)...

[Image: RenamingNegra05.jpg]

So thank you for your input, everyone! Checkers and Domino are sure to lead happy, fulfilling and well-named lives under Jolene's continued stewardship. Big Grin

#14 04-09-2018 
YAY! They look very happy, indeed Smile

#15 04-09-2018 
Teaching Checkers to shake hands:

[Image: CheckersLearnsToShake.jpg]

Cute, fluffy mutt is cute. And fluffy. Big Grin

#16 05-09-2018 
So Digi's links led me to this link with all kinds of colorful fur colors. I'm still chewing on the decision of whether or not to get that mod.

But what's with all the fur colors being named after exploding stuff? o_O

(I'm also still on the fence about the accessory furs that Digi linked, but you just know that I had to get the puppies and kittens with fur patterns! Down with bland, generic puppy and kitten appearances, yay! Big Grin )

#17 06-09-2018 
The colours being named for Explosives are following the same system as the one for Sim Hair, "Pooklet Colours", I don't know about the mod for fur colours I got one from the same source for pet eyes though, works fine as far as I can tell.

#18 06-09-2018 
"Ooh, I love how you streaked your hair, Jane! What color is that?" "It's Semtex, the same that Ashley has for her dye job there." "My dye job? No, no, this is Atomic Fallout, with a Daisy Cutter base! Marilyn, what color are you wearing?" "This is High-Yield Dirty Bomb! Do you like it?" "It's nice, but honestly, I think either Minuteman III Barrage or Nuclear-Ignited Troposphere would look better with that dress." "So is nobody going to comment on my Mass Volcanic Eruptions Cracking Earth in Half and We're All Going to Die hair job? This dye was expensive!"

Where do I find this Pooklet so I can officially critique on his/her/its color names? Tongue

#19 06-09-2018 
I FOUND POOKLET! And his blog is hilarious! Big Grin

Therefore, Pooklet will be spared my derision...for now. >:]

#20 06-09-2018 
(06-09-2018 05:13 AM)Pizzatron-9000 Wrote:  I FOUND POOKLET! And his blog is hilarious! Big Grin

You sure Pooklet is a he? I *could* be mistaken, but as far as I know, they've always been a she.


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