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(07-09-2018 09:28 AM)Pizzatron-9000 Wrote:  I wouldn't say that all male modders make sexy Simmy stuff. Paladin and Fresh Prince gave us plenty of mods, and not a breasticle in sight! I think Fresh Prince's mods were mostly limited to new cars for Sims to drive, though. Fresh Prince must be a serious gearhead in real life. Smile

Oh, I agree. Most modders make MODS. They do not make objects, skins, makeup, hairs, dresses, foods, furniture... because that stuff comes from the other creators, which are seldom considered to be modders. Modders, in general make mods! Chris Hatch is, of course, an exception, in that he does both. And there are others as well.

But I never meant to say that males ONLY make xxx content. I merely meant that the xxx-style stuff seldom, if ever, is created by females. There's a difference Smile

(07-09-2018 09:28 AM)Pizzatron-9000 Wrote:  ... don't forget Mootilda and all of her contributions, including the Hood Checker and the Lot Resizer!

Indeed, the late great Mootilda, one of the ladies that I forgot to mention... (no, not really forgot... I had some trouble getting my previous message posted, and in the confusion, the paragraph on her got lost...)

(07-09-2018 04:13 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  And Sandy @ Around The Sims, Kate @ Parsimonious, Windkeeper and SA99 at TSR, and Lee(fish) herself! ...Now, granted, the last few are generally "stuff" makers, which might not meet your terms of 'modder'.

Now, that last sentence is exactly the distinction that I was talking about. Smile There are MANY great female CREATORS, and they (including yourself, @CatherineTCJD) do deserve mention. But very few of them involve themselves with MODs, and thus should not be named 'modders'. Big Grin

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Ah, very well. Modders versus "stuffers". And would they be "packagers" or "tinkerers" or "Sims-messer-uppers" collectively? Tongue

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Yeah I would really feel the loss of all of the Hair and Clothes that I have that various mostly female creators have made for me. To me having the Custom clothes that I have is one of the main things I care about in the Sims 2, while I have the mods to make the game run the way I like for it to run. I would certainly miss the custom hair as well.

I would just refer to people that Create stuff for the game as Creators and if they make something that changes the way the game behaves as Modders. Also as BO said there are those who do both. LizzLove did some of both {if hacked items count}, as well as Chris Hatch, and Inge Jones.

I love Fresh-Prince's stuff, but I have no mods of his, just a lot of vehicles and a couple of his TVs. Excellent Stuff, but no mods that I know of. What Mods has he done?

@Pizzatron-9000 you should check out Inge Jones' Web site if you don't have anything of hers. Quite a lot of good stuff to be had there.


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