Sims 2 Get Blurry After 5 Minutes in the Game!
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Hello, this is my first post, sorry if i can't do this, but i really need help, i cant found solution for myself, when i play for a lot of time (or if i use CC, 4 minutes) the game gets BLURRY and thats is really annoying, because i like to took photos of my sims and i can't do that if the sims look so blurry.

This photo is from when i just open the game: [Image: zKo3Pm36TaWX1oQ0KgemTg.png]

and this other is when past 3 minutes: [Image: _b21nxAsRGioqOrYoRfVjw.png]

i already do all the things from video-cards and graphic rules...

For a mistake like a month ago, i "repair the game from origin" so i need to re-do all those things, and idk if origin do this mistake, because i don't remember it before. Hope can help me =)

I use Windows 10.

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I used to have similar problem ages ago when I played on crappy laptop, for me the reason was that my laptop/graphics card was getting too hot, maybe your machine is also heating up too much? There's this couple years old thread at MTS about the same problem too, sadly the offered solutions are pretty much to lessen the amount of custom content, turn down graphics settings and to replace the graphics card.


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