On Which Graphics Card Are You Playing Without A Problem?
#1 15-09-2018 
More than half a year ago I bought a new laptop with NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card and on Windows 10.
Of course TS2 went completely crazy and no matter what solution I tried, both here and on modthesims, nothing stopped my crashing and pink flashing problems. I gave it months.
I now gave up on trying to make TS2 work on my new laptop and accept that it just will not. So I want to get another system on which I can play TS2 like in the good old days.

Could you tell me on which graphics card and windows version you play The Sims 2 without problems of extreme crashing and pink flashing textures?
Would be super helpful!

During my research I'm starting to understand that the problem is more with the new graphics card series (like GTX +1000) than it is with the Windows 10.


#2 15-09-2018 
If one looks at all the threads that exist, dealing with problems running TS2, there is one trait that the vast majority of them have in common: 99.999% of them are trying to make it work on Win10. And as time goes by, and new updates on Windows are rolled out by M$, the number of people who can keep their game running, is dwindling.
But you won't see anyone screaming "The game will not run on my Win7 box" or "I'm running Win7, and my game rarely starts. But when it does, it's flashing pink, or it crashes!"

I myself am runnning with a GTX 1050 card under Win7, and I had no problems whatsoever getting the game to run. From the moment I installed the card, absolutely no problems AT ALL!
So why you conclude that the GTX 10xx series cards are the main cause of the problems, is beyond me. To me, it's utterly clear that Win10 is the main source of the problems.
But of course, you are free to believe whatever you wish. I will still advise people to try and install Win7 instead of Win10, and see how easy it is to get the game working.

#3 15-09-2018 
Hello @BoilingOil ! I think you are right. Today I discussed the issue with another simmer who has GTX 950M operating on Windows 10. My assumption that her game ran perfectly led me to believe that perhaps the issue was with the newest video cards rather than Windows 10, but later I learned that the pink flashing problem was the same for her as well. Now with your input I belive it is indeed a problem with Windows 10. In which case I am very much willing to install Win7 on my laptop.

I am now using an "Omen by HP 15-CE004NT" with GTX 1060. I wonder if I install Windows 7 on it, would I be able to find all the drivers I need to make my system work properly. Since the device is very new, I'm afraid certain drivers might be incompatible with Windows versions older than 10. Do you or does anyone have any experience with it?


#4 15-09-2018 
Hi @mrukel22,

A few months ago, I had all my hardware upgraded to modern standards. New Mobo, new memory, new graphics card, new Blu-ray/DVD drive, the works... Maybe not quite the latest hardware (because of the prices), but reasonably close. Many of the new systems that are sold in stores today, are of comparable quality. The only difference between those new boxes and my system, is that mine still runs on Win7 (64 bit).

And I didn't even install Win7 anew. I just hooked up my old SSD boot-drive, rebooted off of it, and had the old Win7 simply upgrade its drivers from the internet. Everything works as if nothing has happened. My old Windows worked with the much newer hardware in under 10 minutes!

So, in conclusion, I think I should answer your question with a resounding: YES, most new hardware drivers are all still compatible with Win7. I don't expect there would be any problems.

#5 15-09-2018 
Thank you @BoilingOil ! This is actually quite encouraging.

Can I ask you if your processor is a 7th Generation Intel "i7 Processor" ? I read that those might not be able to install Windows 7 properly anymore. If you could confirm that it does, soon I might try installing Windows 7 indeed. While installing Win7, have you had problems with USB 3.0 working?

And great that you still had your old SSD boot-drive! I imagine it'd be another issue to find a good Win7 64 bit drive somewhere. Maybe I can still obtain one somewhere online.

#6 15-09-2018 
Hi @mrukel22,

Actually, my OLD processor was a 2nd gen i7, and my NEW processor is a 7th gen i5: the i5-7500. So in all honesty, I cannot really speak for the 7th gen i7. I have had no issues with USB 3.0, though.

Yeah, finding a new Win7 installation DVD might indeed be tough nowadays. Maybe on Marketplace, Ebay or other similar systems, people still offer their old disk, which are hopefully also still in good condition. I still have my old installation disk, but I'm not planning on discarding it yet. I didn't need it this time, but I might still need it later.


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