Show Us Your Sims!
#101 04-08-2020 
(04-08-2020 04:07 PM)ocelotekatl Wrote:  Hoo, boy, it's been a while since I logged on.

I didn't realize I had such a huge fan. @Pizzatron-9000, your pics are amazing!
You're here! We were just talking about you. Catherine TCJD was saying that you and she go back a ways. Smile

Thank you for the words of praise, but my use of "Barbarians at the Gate" goodies isn't even half of it! Your "Midnight at the [Pretty Much Everything]" goodies are here, there and everywhere in my game...uniforms, accessories, furniture and fixtures...I should just take about a dozen more screenshots of Benne's three-story spaceship and Serra Bellum's lab, because pictures say more than words. Big Grin

So thanks again for all you do, sir. Smile
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