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Hello friendsss! Let me present you a few of my YA's Smile
[Image: MTS_carolina_xoxo-1792906-TheSims2Mansio...8_53AM.jpg]
[Image: MTS_carolina_xoxo-1809765-manuelxmichelle.jpg]

Manuel and Michelle, by far the best couple I have in my game. Both of them so gorgeous. The second picture is so intimate and adorable as he was holding her up in his arms Smile

[Image: MTS_carolina_xoxo-1809764-8_29_2018.jpg]

Jason, Demeterius and Nia chatting while waiting for Manuel and Michelle to catch up with them outside of a bodega

[Image: MTS_carolina_xoxo-1809766-michelle.jpg]

My lovely Michelle right after bickering with Manuel in a club (This club looks AMAZING, I cannot remember who made it but it's a redesign of club P.U.R.E.)

[Image: MTS_carolina_xoxo-1792499-TheSims2Mansio...1_54AM.jpg]

My gorgeous edgy kids from left to right: Courtney, David, Malachai, Selina and Ava

[Image: MTS_carolina_xoxo-1792498-TheSims2Mansio...1_08AM.jpg]

Whew, it's a lot of photos. I can say that I'm pretty proud of my growing hood Heart

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Those are really nice looking sims. You should upload them Smile

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Heart Thank you! I will, some time this week.

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[Image: TS2-StarSailors1-Benne.png]
Name: Benne Evolence
Position: Chief Science Officer
In Brief: An alien hybrid born to the villainous Doctor Malevolence during his misadventure with two shots of Pepper Punch, a vial of unstable Catalystium and a high-powered telescope, Benne has devoted her life to opposing her father's aims of conquering the South Pleasantview region yet still remains amiable enough to make it to the family reunions. Having inherited every mote of her father's masterful intellect, she continues to lend her calculating logic and scientific prowess to the crew, often to great effect. Though she was the one who commenced the initiative of gathering the Star Sailors in the first place, she continues to decline a position in Command simply because she would prefer to not pin a bull's eye on her own back. So she pins it on Debbie's back instead.

[Image: TS2-StarSailors1-Debb.png]
Name: Debb Nebula
Position: Commander
In Brief: Some time ago, Debbie Olshfski was a teenager in Takemizu Village who aspired to no greater accomplishment than teaching tourists how to bow properly. That changed when she pursued her fascination with Science Fiction all the way to university, hoping to become a popular author in that genre. But as fate decided, it was there that she made the acquaintence of a few bona fide extraterrestrials who, fascinated with her mastery of the rejuvenating art of Tai Chi, took her under their wing and taught her the secrets of space travel. Now a persuasive and innovative leader, she ditched her awkward birth name for the much snazzier handle Debb Nebula, because if that kind of "Human joins a tremendously advanced spacefaring civilization and completely rocks their socks off" backstory was good enough for the likes of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, then it's good enough for her, daggit!

[Image: TS2-StarSailors1-Stella1.png] [Image: TS2-StarSailors1-Stella2.png]
Name: Stella Terrano
Position: Chief Engineer
In Brief: Yes, that Stella Terrano. Having mysteriously emerged from the red wastes encroaching on Strangeville, she travelled from La Fiesta Tech to Sim State University, where she soon made the acquaintence of Benne and Debbie. She also made the acquaintence of a beastly lass named Jolene Lupina, from whom Stella contracted a mysterious disease: Lycanthropy. That the lycanthropy defies any attempt at a cure is as much Stella's doing as it is any quality of the condition itself; Stella rather enjoys the vastly reduced need for sleep and what extra time to complete her work it affords, even if it undercuts her coldly reasoning half and results in breaking or ruining the occasional doodad in a primal fit of pique.

[Image: TS2-StarSailors1-Zixx.png]
Name: Zixx S'zaxxazt
Position: Communications Officer (officially), Disk Jockey (not so officially)
In Brief: Hailing from a life-sustaining moon almost perpetually engulfed in the umbra of its mother planet, Zixx understands the value of sound, song and communication in a habitat of obfuscating darkness. Her social graces make Zixx a talented communicator with many languages, whether they be verbal, melodic, visual, tactile or otherwise. However, as the Star Sailors don't get to leave Sim Earth all that often, she contents herself with running the DJ booth and entertaining the rest of the crew, at times stepping down from the booth to engage them in impromptu rap battles and the like.

[Image: TS2-StarSailors1-Dyseneen.png]
Name: Dyseneen Breel
Position: Chief Medical Officer
In Brief: In eons past, Dyseneen's kith and kin evolved from a para-avian species on her heavily forested homeworld; unfortunately, the evolutionary climb towards sentience and tool use cost her people the capability of flight, resulting in many a plummet from the treetop/really-thick-vinetop/burburing napthe'las-top settlements peppering that planet's skylines. Fortunately, that planet is also a low-gravity planet, so the falls didn't hurt quite as much yet often required medical attention nonetheless. As she came of age, Dyseneen thought of adapting her people's natural medical inclinations for the physiologies of other self-aware species, a dream which an interstellar bus ticket to Sim Earth saw realized. Dyseneen is still at odds with Sim Earth's gravitational pull, which she describes as "crushing," "oppressive" or "By the Baasun Yuth, will my plumage ever stop sagging?!?"

[Image: TS2-StarSailors1-GanAr.png]
Name: Gan Ar Kron Den Meer
Position: Chief Security Officer
In Brief: Hailing from a proud, haughty and martially inclined civilization in which physical fitness and physical appearance are entirely responsible for any individual's sociopolitical rank and status (a tradition which persists no matter how many shapely and attractive leaders get trounced by homely yet cunning underdogs and usurpers), Gan Ar soon tired of courting the women of his volcanic homeworld, instead turning his ambitions towards the women of other species and homeworlds. To that end, Gan Ar has proven himself to be a superb Security Officer, highly competitive, ever in peak physical conditioning, attentive to subtle details or changes in his environment and never afraid of confrontation or skirmish, particularly if Zixx (the current subject of his attentions) is looking on. And she often is.

[Image: TS2-StarSailors1-Grozz.png]
Name: Grozz T'kadi
Position: Chief Financial Officer
In Brief: Harkening to a mountainous home planet rich in gemstones, heavy metals and "rare" earths — and to a people whose personal worth is wholly determined by how much commodity they can buy, sell, barter and possess — Grozz's foremost task is ensuring that the Star Sailors don't squander their funds and smash their budget to pieces with the proverbial Trilithium sledgehammer. To this end, he keeps his fingers on the many pulses of trade and commerce, whether regional, national, international, interstellar or — when he doesn't mind going to the trouble — intergalactic. As short-staffed as the crew is, he also lends his hands to the Science Division, particularly in regards to Geology and Seismology (if only because those are where all the gems and precious metals turn up). In his spare time, he joins Gan Ar in his routine visits to the starship's gymnasium, takes Moondog for walks or manufactures cheap robots for some quick cash on the side.

[Image: TS2-StarSailors1-Lambda.png]
Name: Lambda 6
Position: Science Officer
In Brief: Specializing in Botany, Xenobiology, Xenochemistry, Astrophysics and Quantum Physics (which is to say that she isn't much of a specialist, per se), Lambda has been probing the boundaries of those sciences ever since she clambered out of the subterranean labyrinths of her homeworld, took one debilitating whiff of that planet's heavy-methane atmosphere and promptly skittered back underground. She continues to work at improving her communication skills — predominantly with help from Benne and Zixx — as her native language isn't verbal, but is instead comprised entirely of chirps, whoops, whistles and clicks. "Lambda 6" is a crew-dubbed approximation of her true name, which is otherwise unpronounceable in the Simlish tongue; as her people place the value of individual identities at a far distant Second Place to those of their colonies and families, she is the sixth one born to "Lambda," that being the designate for such-and-such generation of such-and-such family of such-and-such's all terribly complicated, really.

Whenever she's not maintaining the crew's enviro-suits, cleaning the Decontamination Chamber or fine-tuning the atmospheric composition sensors, Lambda strives to get the hang of this newfangled "individuality" thing by composing poetry and experimenting with her face markings and hairstyles.

[Image: TS2-StarSailors1-KalDara.png]
Name: Kal-Dara 3 of 47
Position: Engineer
In Brief: Kal-Dara claims her origins among an artificially created race of techno-organic "Synthoids." The Creator Race which had originally engineered these synthoids — intending them to be a slave race — committed a grievous error in neglecting to keep the Holovision networks blaring mind-numbing infomercials into the workplaces 24/7/365 (or, rather, 38/5/338, in the local temporal spans) as the networks shortsightedly shifted their programming to children's cartoons, hoping for higher ratings in the viewer polls. Having thus negligently fomented a swift and decisive synthoid uprising over episodes of "Nug-Nug 19 of 18 and His Magic Brain Parasite," the Creator Race soundly fell from power and were consigned to the lowliest societal status imaginable: Retail.

Kal-Dara escaped to Sim Earth amid the chaos as power vacuums were being filled all willy-nilly by the self-liberated synthoids. She so happened to rub shoulders with Zixx and Gan Ar during the interstellar bus ride, and the rest is history. She mostly works in the capacity of a glorified janitor and repairwoman, but at least her work is consistently good and she enjoys doing it. She also enjoys eggplant puree. Can't get enough of it.

(Bah, character limits and stuff....)

[Image: TS2-StarSailors1-LarLuren.png]
Name: Lar Luren Ailideen
Position: Chief Culinary Officer (which is a fancy way of saying "The starship's only chef")
In Brief: Look. Food replicators are fine and well, but not every starship crew can afford them. Besides, don't those ultratech wonders rob the very soul from the fine art of food preparation? Where's the love in mashing a bunch of atoms together at the right temperature to instantly create lobster thermidor? Lar Luren isn't just some jaded, indifferent hash-slinger. He's an artist. Sure, his works are fleeting, never to be celebrated in any art exhibits or showcased in any interplanetary road shows. But Lar Luren lives for the moment! He never got to do much cooking back on his 94%-oceanic, high-humidity, nighttime-approximately-10-months-of-each-year homeworld, and now that he's here on Sim Earth, he's throwing himself into the culinary arts with wild abandon! Screw your food replicators. Food replicators won't win Dyseneen's love and affection like Lar Luren's Forest Fruit Tartlettes did. Let him have his moments.

(Too bad Lar Luren can't cook anymore, not since he and the crew moved to the new lot, and not until I figure out the cause of that vanishing food glitch. I'm still working on that. Fingers crossed.)

[Image: TS2-StarSailors1-Solaris.png]
Name: Solaris
Position: Engineer
In Brief: Designed and fabricated by Stella to be every inch as technically inclined as Stella herself is, Solaris has proven himself quite useful in this regard. The only thing holding him back from a higher station is a nasty combination of his absolute stubbornness mixed with his vulnerability to water. No matter how many times he cleans the showers, spritzes himself with water and runs amok until someone else shuts him down and repairs him, he insists on cleaning the stupid, stinkin' showers! For being so (artificially) intelligent, Solaris isn't very bright. His hobbies include tinkering around the starship, running amok, taking Moondog for walks and more running amok.

[Image: TS2-StarSailors1-Moondog.png]
Name: Moondog
Position: Pet
In Brief: As a gift for his daughter's graduation from college, Doctor Malevolence mashed together a genetic cocktail of canine DNA, alien DNA, ferrous meteor dust eggplants, kelp and distilled rage, aiming to create the ultimate monster dog, vicious and aggressive beyond measure. As with many of Doctor Malevolence's plans, this one fell flat on its face; Moondog is unswervingly loving, friendly, well-mannered and obedient. He accompanies Gan Ar on his patrols (typically with the incentive of several treats and belly rubs), and when Grozz recommended Moondog for a career in Security, the weird dog rocketed to the strata of the elite Pet Corps. Now if only the crew could train him to pee somewhere besides the sidewalk behind the mailbox, Moondog would be the perfect pet!

Pleasantview...not much of a frontier these days. These are the voyages of the Starship Fluttering Brick. Its continuing mission: to figure out what — if anything — can make the Fluttering Brick fly, so that the Star Sailors can finally get this crate into interstellar space. To meet the entire spacefaring community through a hapless series of telescope-related incidents. To achieve the exalted Perma Plat state. But mostly the flying thing. Seriously. The Fluttering Brick is endlessly hovering about three stories off the ground at all times. They had to install an elevator just so the paperboy would stop dumping their magazines at the far end of the sidewalk! Not to mention that the dog and two-thirds of the crew can't teleport. It was getting to be quite the mess.

(And yes, I actually tried to change those relevant Sims and their Life State to Alien, compliments to the Creature Shack. But all it does is slap your Sim with the same old green skin overlay. Aside from that, the Alien life state is just the regular Sim life state with a few restricting cosmetics, so I changed the crew back. It's the thought that counts, right? Wink )

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well, i have a pretty big family (almost starting the fourth gen!) and i have some screenies of them! i would love to show them to you but... i just don't know how to make a post with pictures. Blush i tried with the insert image option but it didn't work for me. could you help me with this, please? Shy

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(21-01-2020 05:34 PM)miaisbored Wrote:  well, i have a pretty big family (almost starting the fourth gen!) and i have some screenies of them! i would love to show them to you but... i just don't know how to make a post with pictures. Blush i tried with the insert image option but it didn't work for me. could you help me with this, please? Shy
The first step is to have the image(s) uploaded to an image-hosting website or internet service, such as Imageshack or Imgur (or, if you're hardcore like me (*snerk*), you pay a webhosting service like Yahoo or GoDaddy over a hundred dollars a year, build your own website and upload your images to that). Have you already done that?

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i hope this first try works!

[Image: agj9iPz]

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Well, it looks like something went wrong there. Are you trying to upload images directly to the Leefish site? It works better if you use a hosting site and this forum's IMG tags. Like, let's say that you take a Simmy screenshot and name it mysimsdostuff.png (though .jpg and .bmp are also valid file types for pictures and images, just differing in degrees of clarity and transparencies and such). So if you haven't already done so, you set up an account on an image-hosting website, then you upload your image file to that website (whether through the website's own utilities or through a third-party client, like Filezilla). So after you upload your image to the image host site, you should end up with a link/address/URL that looks something like this:

(...yeah, that's not a real link. Don't bother clicking on it. Tongue )

Then you Copy that URL from the host site's address bar, come here to Leefish, open the text editor for a Reply, then find the "Insert image" clickie in the toolbar over the text editor field; it should be the third clickie from the left. Then Paste the link into the Insert Image bar and mash OK. Alternately, you can just Paste the link into the text field, type "[img]" before it (like so)...


...then type "[/img]" after the link. After that, hit Post Reply and you'll end up with a pic instead of that link. Smile

On a related note, Ocelotekatl just released his new Cyclist bodyshape over at Blue Heaven Sims, here: Naturally, I just had to give it a shot. Enter, Zandra Thick. (So named because she has thick, beefy legs. Get it? Big Grin )

[Image: TS2-ZandraThick01.jpg]

As she should be, Zandra is a natural Fitness enthusiast (even though she's living in my Science/Nature Hobby Dorm, because my Fitness/Sports Hobby Dorm isn't finished yet). She's also a Fortune Sim, and she hopes to strike it rich by opening and managing a string of gymnasiums and fitness centers after she graduates.

[Image: TS2-ZandraThick02.jpg]

[Image: TS2-ZandraThick03.jpg]

And as of now, she's presently my record holder for "Earliest to get into a Secret Society," roughly 19 hours after starting the first semester of her Sophomore year. If anyone's going to break that record, it'll have to be either a Popularity Sim, a Romance Sim, a Sim who already managed to sneak off to Twikkii Island and get a Voodoo Doll (which most likely means a Sim whom I created as a Teen or earlier), or whatever else would grant a Sim some massive Relationship gains. No, I'm not counting the Wishing Well, because the odds of using it to summon three Secret Society members during one's Freshman year (or earlier) is pretty remote. Confused

[Image: TS2-ZandraThick04.jpg]

So, there's Zandra. And the new bodyshape is pretty neat! I hope we get more outfits for it soon. Smile
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Because Catherine is the goodness and so is Blue Heaven Sims.... Big Grin

[Image: TS2-TheBarbariansHousehold01.jpg]
When the fell witch Azroth-Morra seduced the men of her Simmerian tribe — luring them away to her dark hollow and shaping them into the cursed forms of lowly dogs — Karzarra Star-Fated gathered a band of her tribemates and set out to find Azroth-Morra in hopes of restoring the men to their proper forms and forcing the witch to answer for her crimes. But through unearthly visions did Azroth-Morra perceive the band's approach, and so had time enough to prepare a trap for them. At Azroth-Morra's bidding, the fabric of the cosmos was torn asunder, banishing the Simmerian interlopers from their native world and hurling them across the multiverse, into another world entirely.

But Karzarra's quest remains intact. After surmising their circumstances, the young wayfarers immediately sought out the nearest cloister of wisdom, focus, knowledge and ancient lore: Sim State University. Though savage and uncultured, these aspiring heroines hope to unearth the means through which they can return home to Simmeria, to settle their grievance with Azroth-Morra once and for all!

(Why, no, I'm not bastardizing Robert E. Howard's Hyborean mythos with the old Greek legend of Circe and Vertigo's "Battleaxes" mini-series! Why do you ask? Tongue )

[Image: TS2-TheBarbariansHousehold-Karzarra.jpg]
Karzarra Star-Fated
Weapon of Choice: Great Skull Axe
Brash, sharp-tongued and fiercely competitive — in contests of sport or elsewise — Karzarra was born under the wise woman's proclamations that Karzarra's destiny was written in the very stars, marking her for greatness and, ultimately, legend. Such words from the tribe's seers have, thus far, only served to make Karzarra vexingly cocky and reckless, character flaws which — coupled with Karzarra's wanderlust and thirst for discovery — have led her into one perilous predicament after another. Fortunately, her companions have been there to pull her out of Death's grasp time and time again...but, should the time come when Karzarra must stand alone, do the stars speak of what fate shall befall her then?

[Image: TS2-TheBarbariansHousehold-Magg.jpg]
Magg Ice-Hunter
Weapon of Choice: Pictish Greatmace
Magg is mirthless, withdrawn and short with words; though she now walks with friends and peers, she is as much a natural loner as the sabretoothed snowcats which she has stalked across the Northern ice in her past. Her prized mace is well-suited for bludgeoning anything from young seals to ice bears, from charlatans — unsavory or elsewise — to Wrathgar raiders. But stern as she is, she watches their leader's reckless deeds without the slightest amusement, and she herself often takes to watching the heavens after dusk, secretly wondering if the stars — and the witches who read them — may have lied about Karzarra's vaunted destiny.

But curiously, the natives of this world also place great value in the heavens. After Magg spoke of seeing a great red planet rising to the East, a mysterious band of star-seers paid her handsomely for that discovery. Perhaps Magg should pursue the astronomer's arts further, in case their erstwhile "soldiers of fortune" occupation doesn't pan out as well as they have hoped.

[Image: TS2-TheBarbariansHousehold-Stragga.jpg]
Stragga Stick-Twister
Weapons of Choice: Dagger, Shamanic Witchery
Gentle and pleasant to a fault, Stragga routinely courts power beyond mortal ken yet remains entirely humble in her daily affairs. A daughter to the tribe's lineage of shamans, druids and other wisefolk, Stragga was sent along with Karzarra to better ensure the latter's destiny. But even the witches and willworkers of Simmeria must earn their own keep, and Stragga's natural talents for woodworking, bonecrafting, repairwork and other forms of craftsmanship have served her and her band well. To the meticulous Magg's disdain, Stragga's half-naked form is ever stained with humors, reeking of soot and streaked with oils, grease and filth, but fortunately for Stragga, the Old Gods — including the lofty Spline, Goddess of Creation — care only for her devotion to them, and that devotion is as constant as her devotion to Karzarra and their quest.

Still, despite being friend to all the band, Stragga remains very self-conscious about her physique, which is quite meager and spindly compared to the large, sinewy bodies of her fellows. But when one spends many an hour mastering the Great Mysteries of the Magical World, one has little time for "Leg Day".

[Image: TS2-TheBarbariansHousehold-Tagwar.jpg]
Tagwar Rage-of-Ten
Weapon of Choice: Dwarven War Axe
Persistently surly and hot-tempered, Tagwar only seems to feel amicable in the midst of conflict and battle, contrarily enough. Ever since they arrived at the mystic cloister of higher learning, their band has often been harried by intrusive tormentors garbed in the guises of cattle; these "cow people" are not long from weathering the fiery heights of Tagwar's scouring ire!

What inner pain she harbors, she channels into passion, and the songs and the dances of her rough people make for a most welcome outlet for such impassioned zeal. And in this new world, Tagwar finds a treasure trove of melodic wonders; war drums and victory dances are well and good, but what are these "pianos" and "concertos" and "synthesizers" and "guitar riffs" of which the natives rant and regale? Tagwar simply must know!

[Image: TS2-TheBarbariansHousehold-Thursa.jpg]
Thursa Bear-Battler
Weapon of Choice: Sovngardr Broadsword
Harkening back to the drumming circles of their nomadic Simmerian village, Thursa shares Tagwar's appreciation for the Muses' arts yet does not share Tagwar's caustic demeanor and latent anger. Measured in her temperament and judicious in her relations with others, Thursa is not easily stirred to wrath. But then, one does not need wrath in order to act swiftly, deliberately and decisively, which Thursa is wont to do.

Magg alone has managed to get on her nerves thus far. So Thursa had trouble manipulating one of those standing rain-shower devices and broke it! Was there truly any call for Magg to storm up to her and loudly berate her for such a simple, honest accident? Stragga had the rain-shower device working perfectly again within the hour, so where's the harm? Perhaps Magg is jealous because Thursa is as good at hunting and gathering as she is; the mere fishes which Thursa catches could feed a remote village for many moons! It's fortunate that Karzarra is there to maintain the peace...whenever Karzarra's not stopping a wayward axe with her cranium and hovering on Valhalla's door, that is.

Karzarra's frequent brushes with Death do have a way of bringing the entire band to come together as one, come to that. Perhaps there is something to Karzarra's exalted destiny after all....
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Hoo, boy, it's been a while since I logged on.

I didn't realize I had such a huge fan. @Pizzatron-9000, your pics are amazing!


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