WCIF: Letters for Business Signs
#31 24-10-2018 
[Image: NVidiaDDSTakingForever.jpg]
Okay, so after a registration step which felt like it took the better part of an hour (even though I declined to register with an email address), it looks like NVIDIA DDS is finally installing.

I'm fetching some dinner while I wait. Tongue

#32 24-10-2018 
Woah, DUDE! Your desktop's a mess! (And I thought mine was bad...) LOL Slap

#33 24-10-2018 
It's a busy desktop. I'm a busy person. It fits. Big Grin

I probably could stand to stuff all of the games icons into their own Games folder, though. I may as well do that today. Smile

#34 24-10-2018 
And that's one of the reasons why I prefer Windows 7 - I can organise my shortcuts better.

#35 24-10-2018 
(24-10-2018 09:50 PM)celebkiriedhel Wrote:  And that's one of the reasons why I prefer Windows 7 - I can organise my shortcuts better.
It's an Acer AXC-603G-UW31. The motherboard's BIOS is hardwired to reject anything less than Windows 8.1. Believe me, I tried to install Win 7, Win XP and Linux Zorin. The Acer shut all three installations down hard and fast. Sad

It had no problem going up to Win 10, though (and as god-awful terrible as Win 8 was, I was more than happy to make that transition; I had to drive my CPU tower out to Tyler and pay a computer technician $95 just to make my computer useable! That's how terrible Windows 8 was).

And because we love Catherine and care about what she thinks:

[Image: TidiedUpMyDesktop.png]

Any better now? Big Grin
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#36 30-10-2018 
[Image: SignsSignsEverywhereSigns01.jpg]
Well, slight problem: Even though I downloaded Pooklet's retread of Mog's six-tile sign, and even though I added a few of my own recolors to Pooklet's sign via SimPE, the Pooklet sign isn't showing up anywhere in the Buy Mode catalog as far as I can see. Mog's pre-Pooklet sign is still there, however, under both Decorative > Miscellaneous and Street > Decorative.

I wonder if manually deleting Mog's package and re-unzipping Pooklet's package will help. It's worth a try.

[Image: SignsSignsEverywhereSigns02.jpg]
So after looking into that, I went about executing my original idea with this store's sign.

[Image: SignsSignsEverywhereSigns03.jpg]
Passing aircraft's eye view.

[Image: SignsSignsEverywhereSigns04.jpg]
View from just down the street.

[Image: SignsSignsEverywhereSigns05.jpg]
If it works, it works.

So anyway, thanks for nudging me in that direction, Leefish. Smile

#37 30-10-2018 
My pooklet sign shows up in Lighting>misc for $150.

#38 30-10-2018 
@Pizzatron-9000 that looks really good. I wondered where you were, but I see you were wrestling with SIMPE Smile

#39 30-10-2018 
(30-10-2018 10:17 AM)Karen Lorraine Wrote:  My pooklet sign shows up in Lighting>misc for $150.
[Image: SmoogoSign01.jpg]
Huh. So it is. Thanks.

I wonder why Pooklet changed the category like that. I figure that store signs are more Decorative than Lighting; Lighting objects are only useful for about half of each Simmy day, whereas Decorative objects are useful day and night, at least in theory. I don't believe that the sign has an Environment value, but it's nice for pointing out — to Sims and Simmers alike — what kind of store it is...again, at least in theory. Wink

(30-10-2018 04:38 PM)leefish Wrote:  @Pizzatron-9000 that looks really good. I wondered where you were, but I see you were wrestling with SIMPE Smile
Well, that and the weekend job...10.5-hour shifts, with a one-hour commute each way. Some days, I just come home from work and go right to bed. Prison jobs are rough, but at least I'm not unemployed. Confused

It's nice that the frame around the Pooklet sign can be recolored as well. I think I might try my hand at that next. I wonder how easy it would be for Paint Shop and me to give that sign a stainless steel finish with little rivets around the frame. It's worth a shot. Smile

#40 30-10-2018 
You could try Photoshop CS2, it's free


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