WCIF: Letters for Business Signs
#21 21-10-2018 
@Karen Lorraine please upload your copy of pooklet sign to sfs and give us a link. Thank you.

#22 21-10-2018 
Please find the Pooklet file here.

#23 21-10-2018 
Woot! Thanks, Karen Heart

#24 22-10-2018 
(21-10-2018 04:53 AM)leefish Wrote:  I did link the latest simpe in case you didnt have that....
It looks like you and Karen linked the same SimPe version: 0.73.44, which is the version that I'm using. I'd guess that my layout's merely different from yours (and that mine's closer to the "factory defaults" than yours are; I haven't played with SimPe that much, after all).

(21-10-2018 04:53 AM)leefish Wrote:  no idea re the gradient thing (maybe needs new glasses? )
The color gradients in the Gym sign and the auto sales signs? That's just my work with Paint Shop Pro, lending the signs a touch of pizazz and whatnot.

(21-10-2018 04:53 AM)leefish Wrote:  Re the pixelation, you did use build dxt right?
No, I didn't. Just a lack of awareness there.

(21-10-2018 05:02 AM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  Like Lee said ^^^ If you use a higher dxt (like 5) you get less artifacts. Choose the dxt from the drop-down menu when you import the artwork.
...but I'll give that a shot (with a fresh, new Import) and see if it helps. Smile

(21-10-2018 05:02 AM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  For a first try - I'd say you did a great job Big Grin Yes, this sign's tricksy, but I really like it.
Ah, you're just flattering me. I'll get it right soon enough! Smile

And this sign is a pretty cool addition to the game. Very useful, for Simmy businesses and otherwise. I'm glad that Mog came up with it. Smile

(21-10-2018 05:02 AM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  Thanks Karen - I didn't know there was an 'easier' version Heart

...Buuuut - @Karen Lorraine - when I try to DL it, I get the Drop Box 404 error. Do you know if it's hosted anywhere else?
I ran into the 404 error too. Has Pooklet abandoned that site in favor of the Simblr where she's running her Cakebread family through their paces, perhaps?

(21-10-2018 05:52 PM)Karen Lorraine Wrote:  Please find the Pooklet file here.
Okay, this is promising. This Pooklet-edited Mog sign has a template which looks more like this:

[Image: New6TileMogSignTemplate.png]

One continuous sign should be easier to work with than two half-signs, right? I'll get to work. Cool

#25 23-10-2018 
Okay...so when you two say "DXT 5," this is what you mean. Correct?

[Image: DXT5Format.png]

Assuming that this is the case, my copy of SimPE was set to DXT3 before. So we'll see if this change removes those pesky artifacts. Smile

And after that, all I need to do is Import the pic, Commit, Fix TGI, then Commit again, then Save. Is that about right, or am I missing anything? Undecided

#26 23-10-2018 
@CatherineTCJD do you have a link to the dds utilities? Looking at the screenies pizza does not have it installed.

#27 23-10-2018 
Would that be this download via Affinity Sims?


And does it matter if I don't have an NVidia graphics card? Undecided

#28 23-10-2018 
That's the one. I think it doesn't matter what card you have. Once you have it installed if you go to the recolour in simpe then when you click on the texture in that window you posted earlier then you should see the option build dxt.

#29 23-10-2018 
Yup, Lee is correct - you need the dds utilities, and it should look different when next you try it. Sorry to chime in so late in the game...

Good luck!

#30 23-10-2018 
Just adding a small bit to what Lee said, you'll have to right click the preview image. (Just specifying since left is the "standard" click)


Sorry, that is a members only option