Turning A Food Deco Clutter Object Into Stockable "Fresh Food" For The Fridge
#21 16-11-2018 
OFB objects such as food displays and clothing racks and such, are NOT accessories, and they are not made in some way. They themselves generate the goods that sims buy. They are available only on business lots - though you may be right that they wouldn't be available in home businesses. Besides, you're right: those are hell to maintain.

I see your point: it might not be as easy as I initially thought.

#22 16-11-2018 
The shopping racks!! I will go test on my home business if my sim can put a shopping rack up. If they CAN - then I will just use the shopping rack values. Great idea, here's hoping Smile

EDIT: no sign of the shopping racks on a home business Sad gah.

#23 16-11-2018 
I should've known this, to be honest. I made a mod for that, and I'm not the only one!

That mod actually edits the OBJD of such objects so they could be placed in home businesses as well. In the case of those racks, however, there is a difference: the business owner cannot buy the item that they 'produce'. Regardless the type of business, they can only set the price or restock them, but never buy from their own racks. Your bread doesn't *produce* the item on sale; it *is* the item on sale. So if that is made accessible for home businesses, it is available for everyone...

Yeah, clearly, it cannot be done the way I thought it could. Please forgive me for wasting your time.


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