Barn Door Conversion
#1 02-11-2018 
Just working on this.

The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#2 03-11-2018 
That is a good looking door!

#3 04-11-2018 
and uploaded!!

#4 22-11-2018 
Is it normal that on this door we have no access to the standard locking mechanisms? Or is that an error in my game?

Also, the "Change model" feature seems to only work properly when accessed on the *right* side of the door. When I access it on the *left* side, I get errors. I've attached a zipped ObjectError log of such an event. Zipped, because the text file is over 200kB

Hoping to be of help,


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#5 22-11-2018 
The change model is probably the arch. I will check that. The door is base so it will need eps for locking. I guess of OFB would do it.

Actually, the error is caused by not clicking on the lead tile. I will see if I can edit the BHAV.

#6 22-11-2018 
I have all the EPs, AND the SPS, so that includes OFB. Yet the Change Model is the only option that appears. unlike all other doors... I'm gonna try again, look around. Thank you so much for the quick response, Lee Smile wave

#7 22-11-2018 
BO, it is because I set it as base, the OBJD is the thing to change. The change model appears because I added that BHAV myself. I am busy right now, but I will get to it.

#8 23-11-2018 
I have uploaded the alternate OFB version to the download post. Closing this thread (again).


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