• Sliding Barn Doors
  • Creator: leefish
Made for a request on the Wishing Tree at GoS. The door has a two tile footprint, but when opened will cover 4 tiles.

The door is repositoried to a custom content arch which is included in the package.

Price: 215, Poly counts: 1434, subsets : 1, Catalogue location : with the rest of the single storey doors.

This door and it's perfect animations cloned from THIS DOOR by d4re . Thank you for permission to clone it Smile
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#2 04-11-2018
* BoilingOil has to try this door...

#3 04-11-2018
Looks great lee, love the details

#4 04-11-2018
Lee, I saw that you fulfilled this request over and GoS and was ecstatic. Smile


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