Missing Stuff in sims 2 on windows 10
#11 10-11-2018 
It isnt one I know of. You might be able to reinstall the disks by clicking on the reinstall option with the disk in the drive, but I have no idea what that will do to your existing hoods/sims etc.

Try reading this info on the MTS wiki. http://simswiki.info/wiki.php?title=Game...tch_Issues

#12 11-11-2018 
For the disks version, this problem should be extremely rare. At least, I had never before heard of this issue. It would appear to me that relevant game files have been altered or deleted. This is what one calls "Game corruption", and it causes EVERY neighborhood that you play, to have the same problems.

Most people would advise you to consider your existing neighborhoods a lost cause, and to uninstall all the EPs/SPs in reverse order, then remove all TS2 references from the registry with a program such as CCleaner, and then reïnstall everything, patch all the packs properly, redownload all your CC and start new neighborhoods.

However, there is a good chance that this isn't necessary at all! This Tutorial at Miros' Sims site The Wooden Simolean explains all the steps that one can take to restore the game to working order without a reïnstall. I hope that this helps you. If not, then I'm afraid a total reïnstall is the last resort after all.

#13 12-11-2018 
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ok thanks.


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