Help with downloading a mod
#11 02-12-2018 
@miisu999: I've just sent ZW another message, hoping to hear back from her soon. However, in her neck of the woods it's now close to midnight, so it may take a few hours.
I've made her aware of which files you want most, so hopefully she can give those a little priority so you don't need to wait much longer Smile

We do what we can, right?

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(29-11-2018 01:25 AM)BoilingOil Wrote:  She just wants to make sure first, that none of the files are damaged or corrupted, before she uploads them.
She has also created a MediaFire account to store the files (4shared is not a pleasant system to work with)

Is there a reason why she did not use simfileshare? It is a neat system and free.

#13 02-12-2018 
She *did* mention not wishing to use SFS. Let's classify her reasons under "a personal choice, based on emotional arguments" or something like that.
What more can I say, right? After all, we don't talk trash about other systems Smile

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Ok Smile It is a nice system imo.

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Yeah, so several people have been telling me. But I, too, have my reasons not to be overly enthused with it.

Some people never learn, and that's one of the things I've learned about myself! Big Grin

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@miisu999: Sorry, Real Life has been a real bitch, getting its big fat behind in ZW's way in the form of a family emergency. So if it takes a little more time, please forgive her.

Because the Time Control Clock is the one thing she cannot find, I need to send her my copy. And I thought, if I'm sending it to her, I can just as well send it to you, too.
So, I've sent you a PM with a link. That way, you at least have part of what you're looking for right away Big Grin

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It is very Ok. to me it is not a problem I have time to wait. Smile I have been busy last days and other things to do.

This is amazing that all you have wanted to help me and I am very grateful for that. Big Grin <3
Like a free gift for me and to think of all the awesome mods that you have created and you have done a lot of hard work and yet you have decided to give and share them for free! I respect you. Big Grin
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That's very nice of you to say, @miisu999, and I appreciate it very much. But I mostly did the modding stuff because *I* wanted to do it. Because it is fun to learn new things like how to read and edit the routines that make up the game. And once you learn that, you can change little things because you have your own opinion about how they should work. It's also a lot of fun to find out that what you did, actually works exactly the way you planned it.

And sharing my mods costs nothing. Actually, sharing them is a way to show off towards others how awesome I think I am, without literally telling anyone that I'm so awesome. Because THAT would be bragging, and I'm too modest for that. This way is just a little bit more subtle, or so I like to believe Tongue Cool
And then if other people download those mods, and start using them, and tell me or others how cool they think it is what I have done... hey, THAT is just DA BOMB! It makes me feel good to know that I've helped people by doing what I *like* to do. Smile

And I actually think that most modders and other helpful people feel the same way about such things...

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That modding thing sounds a quite complicated, challenging and awesome at the same time! Smile
Must need big brains for that! Big Grin I know nothing about it, I only can admire people that can do that.
Some years ago I remember trying to do a little bit modding, I played The Sims 3 and in the game I was missing, an invisible bicycle stand and somehow I did something, I don't remember how or what but I got what I wanted. Then I was so happy, so proud of myself, haha. Big Grin But that was huge thing for me then.

I absolutely like need your mods in my game, I would not want to even play without them. I believe that as I, so many others who enjoy your mods, think that you are very gifted modder and talented person. You should be a game designer! If you would be designing like next The Sims (5) game that I imagine would be much more fun and better game. But I'm not saying that it is bad to do mods for free. I only think that from the start The sims games for example would be more playable and enjoyable. Like more complete games and not so stupidly working, you know... Big Grin And to share your mods for free is only very humble and subtle. Smile

#20 07-12-2018 
I have the stair mod if you'd like.


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