No graphic adapter for directx 9.0
#1 01-12-2018 
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Hi! I just spent hours on the web trying to understand how to fix this directx 9.0 issue on wind10... Nothing...
I saw in the forum many others with this issue but still I can't find a way to fix it!

I would really appreciate your help 'cause I don't know what to try anymore...
In the log file also, it seems to reconize the integrated video card as my primary one instead that the nvidia one...
I tried using geforce experience to find the game but the software does't see it as a game, probably too old, no luck in adding manually the directx9.0 too...
There's no way i can fix it, I hope u'll be able to help me... Confused

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Is this ultimate collection or discs or a torrent? Are you using a no CD hack? Can you start the game at all?


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