Pink glitch in CAS
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(09-12-2018 10:55 AM)Entwistle Wrote:  
BoilingOil Wrote:But if you remember where I let you download that Graphics Rules file, THAT would save you the trouble or running the Graphics Rules Maker.
Do I have to add the graphic rule on /data/res/config and csconfig you sent me if I got it right?

Yes, of course. If you download a Graphic Rules.sgr or Video Cards.sgr, or when someone shares their version with you, then it is important that you put a copy of it in /TSData/Res/Config AND in /TSData/Res/CSConfig. The first folder is for the game itself, the second folder is for CAS and Bodyshop.

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Thank you.
Last time, you were talking about placing replacements in the bin. I understand now why, while reading Skell's repository project. I have a lot of CC from her, and some of her repository project I haven't put in the bin folder. Does it screw the game too or not?

#43 09-12-2018 video and graphics cards for the nvidia 1050ti

a note: there is more than one numbered version of this card. So go into your documents/ea games/sims 2/logs folder and look at "your computer name" config lot text file and see what your number is. it is the chipset section, device number. Mine is the 1c82. So IF yours is different, you will have to go into the video card sgr and under the nvidia cards list (it will be the last one in the nvidia section) where it says this: card 0x1c82 "GeForce GTX 1050 Ti" replace the 1c82 with whatever your number is and save it. It opens in notepad Smile make sure it saves it as an sgr file tho. Remember to make a backup of yours first in case of any issues! otherwise the game wont read right. Always back up back up back up Smile and then back up again Tongue

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Ok... I played for a little while, with Mods and Hacks and worked fine.
Perhaps you were right, @BoilingOil : default replacements can be the problem. I think I'm going to download myself defaults and look closely before clicking the button "download". Lol. I'll keep you updated though if there is still a problem. Nothing's sure.
Thank you a lot!

@gayars the thing is that when I'm on video cards sgr there is the 0x1c82 but it is not present on the logsfolder?
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It is the same one. It is there Smile

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@gayars is right!

This is the line you should be looking for in the config-log file:

"Chipset: Vendor: 10de, Device: 1c82, Board: 35101462, Chipset: 00a1"

See the device number? It says "Device: 1c82" THAT is the number that one uses for "Card" in the Video Cards.sgr file. So, your system is set up as it should be.


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