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Not actually a counter. Requested at GardenofShadows, Tinkles sandwich counter updated with slots and repositoried to the base game Epikouros counter. I have not changed the guid so this will replace the mesh by Tinkle.

As you can see, the mesh clips when placed against the wall, this is because it tiles seamlessly with the counter.


Subsets : 2
Polycount: 1391 faces.
Catalog location: Surfaces > miscellaneous

Special thanks to shastakiss for the doily texture Smile
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#9 30-10-2019
@stinkyunicorn , the slots are a bit awkward. I cloned verankas counter and the slots were a bit odd, try putting the mouse on the other footprint square. As the slots are angled it might need a higher ep than base, maybe ofb.

#10 31-10-2019
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I got it to work (I have the UC). It seems to only allow certain deco items to be slotted in (not end table stuff maybe?). I used an OSMP to add the items I wanted, and it worked well. Thanks for the reply, @leefish.

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