Near-Instant CTD on load - Windows 10, NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB Card
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Hello! I'm hoping you might be able to help me with this issue - knowing my computer prowess, it's likely something small I'm simply forgetting, but I've tried just about everything I can find in all of the FAQs and it doesn't seem to be working!

I'm currently running Windows 10 on the KB4483234 Cumulative Update, with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB card running the 417.35 (most recent) version of the graphics drivers. I've attempted to use the various fixes and methods suggested as solutions on the forums, but I keep running into an issue regardless - no matter what I seem to do, the game simply crashes to desktop within seconds of initializing, before I even get to an opening menu screen or anything whatsoever. I haven't the foggiest idea why it's doing this, and was hoping you could help me figure it out.

I've attached the config file as well. If there's anything else you need, please let me know!

.txt  DAVID-config-log.txt (Size: 14.93 KB / Downloads: 313) Whoops, forgot to actually upload the config file. My bad!
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Windows 10 AND NVidia 10x0 series video card AND The Sims 2...

Unfortunately, so far, nobody has been able to make that combination work properly...
I'm happy to try and take a look for you, but I want you NOT to get your hopes up.
Maybe downgrading to Win7 is a better choice, because under Win7, nobody has any trouble getting TS2 to work with an NVidia 10x0 series video card.

Anyway, I'll now look at your config-log.

Ok, the first thing I notice, is that there are two IDENTICAL video cards, but with DIFFERENT resolutions... different monitor models, perhaps?
Second, I think that your Texture Memory setting is off. Could you please run DxDiag, and attach its report to your next post? Thank you.

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Yeah, I've noticed from a lot of the posts that it's a bit of a dicey mixture to begin with, based on everything I've read on here so far. I unfortunately don't really have an option to downgrade, so I may resort to running the game in a VM depending on how dedicated I want to get, lol.

The two display resolutions are actually because of the dual monitor setup I have, it is two different monitors - I suspected that might be part of the issue, but even disabling one of the monitors doesn't result in anything changing.

I've attached the DxDiag results to this post, hope it helps!

.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 87.02 KB / Downloads: 281)

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Oh my word, you have an extremely uncivilized amount of memory in your system. 32GB?? Wow, that's just unholy and AWESOME!

Perhaps you should consider removing the smaller of the two monitors completely; see if that changes anything.
Also, I have now determined that you have more textureMemory than the game is aware of. This can be easily fixed if you know how to use a text editor.

In your "The Sims 2" installation folder (Program Files?) find the folder named "Fun with Pets/EP9".
Go to the subfolder named "Config" and open the file "Graphics Rules.sgr" in a text editor. Find a line near line 48, which will read:

seti textureMemory 1744

Remove the number 1744, and type the number 6052 in its place. Then save the file. Do the same thing also in the subfolder CSConfig.

This may at least fix SOME problems, but it might not fix all! If you still have trouble, I'm afraid I do not know how to help you further. But maybe someone else will...
And otherwise, up to setting up that virtual machine! Good luck.

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Yeah, I've been slowly adding new parts to this box over the last year, it plays all of the new titles really well! Older ones, not so much, as you can see...

It doesn't appear that any of those tweaks worked, so I'll have to keep playing around with stuff. I do appreciate the help - perhaps this is finally the end indeed for this ten year old game, and we'll have to collectively relegate it to the virtual machines if we want to continue using it. Tongue

Let me know if you think of anything else. Thanks!

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Yeah, I was afraid that I'd be of only limited help here. I'm really sorry...
Yeah, new games will do splendidly, I suppose. If TS2 were a dog, though, she'd be pushing the human equivalent of 100 years by now. The BaseGame was from 2004.

My own system still runs on the pre-historic Win7 and can thus handle TS2 without any problems. Not everyone is that fortunate, alas.


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