Greetings! DavinaOjeda's introduction
#1 31-12-2018 
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Hello everyone,

I am introducing myself to Leefish. I didn't have an account here so I made one. Some of you may know me because I moderate or Plumbbob Keep as it is also called. I am active there, GardenofShadows, and Tumblr. I've always popped in and out of Leefish especially to get my game running in Windows 10 with the Ultimate Collection but I've decided to come and say hi to everyone!

#2 01-01-2019 
Welcome to Leefish, @davinaojeda. Good to have you here. Smile

#3 01-01-2019 
Hallo and welcome

#4 01-01-2019 
Hi there, welcome to our pond.

#5 01-01-2019 
*splash* Welcome! I hope you enjoy swimmin' with us wave

#6 28-03-2019 
Welcome!! to the world's friendliest pond :-)

#7 03-04-2019 
Hello! I really love your FO stuff!


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