DirectX 9.0c error message (Windows 10 / Intel Graphics 630/ Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti)
#11 04-01-2019 
I uninstalled Graphics Rules Maker.

I was using Graphics Rules Maker to try to fix some issues, like Sim shadows.

The Sim shadows "black square" appears if I choose "High" in the game shadow parameter.
Set "Medium" fixes the issue.

You're right, the seti textureMemory was far below line 48 on my Graphic Rules file.

I joined the config-log.

Unfortunately I didn't see a real change : I can only launch the game in windowed mode, only in 320x200.

I thank you again for your patience and your kindness.

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#12 04-01-2019 
The black-box sim shadows issue can be solved with a mod, as mentioned in this thread named Black Shadows Box Issue - All Systems. Graphics Rules Maker's solution of disabling sim shadows altogether is just very blunt and unsophisticated.

I must admit, your description of the problem baffles me completely. The Game's absolutely LOWEST screen resolution setting defined in the Graphics Rules.sgr, is 800x600. Yet you maintain that under all circumstances it only works in 320x200 mode. I simply have no words for that, because I cannot imagine what on earth would make such a thing possible.

If it's possible, I would like to see a screenshot of when the game is running on your system.

#13 05-01-2019 
[Image: 1546687259-screenshot-01.png]

[Image: 1546687299-screenshot-02.png]

I'm playing in french.

On the first screenshot you can notice the 320x200 size but I don't think it's the real size : both screenshots are in 800x600, so it seems to be the real size of the window.

#14 05-01-2019 
About the language... Oui, c'est évidemment français.

I can see from the huge UI window in both shots, that it REALLY is 320x200 mode. If it were anything else, the UI would appear much smaller. I really had no idea that this was possible. But in your game it really looks like it is actually the only option available. I have absolutely no idea how to fix that. I'm sorry.

#15 05-01-2019 
Thanks you for your help.

I learned a few tips thanks to you.

I willl try to edit Graphic Rules file to fix it, I have some ideas.

I will give some news if I manage to make it work properly.

Have a nice day.

#16 05-01-2019 
Hmmm, something that @leefish said in another thread, gave me an idea. Are you playing as administrator? If not, then please try that!

Because really, I don't think there is a problem with the Graphics Rules file. And if I'm right, then your editing will only make it worse. (Unless you make sure to keep the original copy safe...)

#17 06-01-2019 
Unfortunately playing as administrator didn't fix it.

I installed another Sims 2 complete version : I have to deal with the same issues but when I launch the game in windowed mode the window size seems to be 1024x768.

Although the game still displays 320x200 on graphic parameters.

#18 06-01-2019 
Wait a second: I hope you're not telling me that you have more than one copy of TS2 on your machine, are you?
Because if you are, then I'm not surprised that you have problems.
If you have multiple copies on the machine, you must uninstall ALL of them, clean your registry and reinstall ONE, and only ONE version! No more!
The game doesn't work properly, if there are multiple copies on the same machine!

#19 06-01-2019 
I uninstalled the Sims 2 Origin version and cleaned the registry before the setup of the other version.

Moreover I don't think it will be a problem : the directories (game, logs...) aren't the same.

#20 06-01-2019 
(06-01-2019 07:29 PM)Benjis Wrote:  I uninstalled the Sims 2 Origin version and cleaned the registry before the setup of the other version.

Ah, it was a bit unclear when you said that you installed *another* version. That could have meant that there were now two or more versions on your system simultaneously.

(06-01-2019 07:29 PM)Benjis Wrote:  Moreover I don't think it will be a problem : the directories (game, logs...) aren't the same.

Yes, it WOULD be a problem, because registry entries from the second installation would overwrite those of the first. And you can't have two sets of data in your Documents folder, either. And even if you can, there have been reports of bleed-through, where data from one folder manages to interfere with and corrupt data from the other folder. So believe me, it would be extremely messy.
Besides, during installation of the second version, all kinds of alarm bells *should* go off, alerting you that the game was already installed.

But that all doesn't matter now. We have tried everything that we can think of, including reinstallation, running as admin, running the GRM and manually editing the .sgr files. Nothing of all that seems to have worked. So I'm sorry, but I have to throw my towel in the ring and admit defeat. Your system seems unable of playing TS2 properly. And I am too stupid to convince it to behave better.


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