The Sims 2 Free Time crashes when loading
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I'm struggling to get the SIMS 2 Free Time working on my PC. Every time I run it, it crashes every time at this point in the attached screenshot.

I've done a number of different things which have made no difference to the error.

I've attached the config log and the exception log.

I'm running Windows 10 1809

Thanks in advance.

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.txt  MICHAEL-FRACTAL-config-log.txt (Size: 9.34 KB / Downloads: 277)
.txt  Sims2Exception 2019.01.29 21.15.27.txt (Size: 12.77 KB / Downloads: 297)
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Windows 10 plus Nvidia 10x0 cards is known to not play well with TS2. Not a laptop? You could try a second hard drive with win7 and dual boot.

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(31-01-2019 02:54 PM)leefish Wrote:  Windows 10 plus Nvidia 10x0 cards is known to not play well with TS2. Not a laptop? You could try a second hard drive with win7 and dual boot.

My recommendation for anyone who wants to play Sims 2 in this day and age, is to get yourself an i5/i7 4thGen laptop. Unfortunately, it'll be used or a refurb. Install an SSD, install more than 4gb/RAM, and use either Win7, or Win8.1, and run it on the HD4600 graphics. If you live close to me, (Austin area of Texas), I can put you together one, and even warranty it.

4thGen computers will have the i5, or i7 indication, followed by a 4xxx indicator.

i7-4700, etc.

These will all have at LEAST HD4600 on-board graphics.

It doesn't matter if it's dual core, or quad core. Sims will run on either.

If you use a Lenovo ThinkPad T440p. those upgrades are VERY easy to do with a YouTube video.

You CAN play it on newer laptops (5th/6thGen), if you're running Win 8.1, and use the HD on-board graphics.

I ran my Sims2, on an MSI, i7-7700, with Win10, but I ran it on the HD630 graphics, instead of the nVidia 1070. It ran fine, however I use a NoCD version of Sims 2. I had to as this particular computer did not come with any optical drive.

The advantages to running Sims 2 on these Intel based laptops:

You can either use the display on the laptop, or plug into a larger monitor via HDMI, DVI/HDMI, VGA, or a docking station.

A GREAT monitor to use with these laptops, is the HP 32. It's a 32in Monitor, with both VGA, and HDMI interfaces. I purchased mine off Ebay, for $144 USD.

If you have nVidia GT730m, or lower graphics, you can use the nVidia graphics. If not, the HD on-board graphics (HD4400 or better) run Sims 2 just as well.

You CAN run Sims 2 on HD4000 on-board graphics (3rdGen), but you'll need a fast (preferably a SSD) Hard drive at LEAST 7200rpm, otherwise you may encounter "Game stutter". ANNOYING.

A couple of notes:

I recommend at least 8gb/RAM.
If DX9/9c isn't compatible with your set up, TS2 will run on DX11. Try using that. TS2, has issues with DX12.
Not only is it a PAIN to do, there are absolutely NO advantages, to running TS2, on nVidia GT730m and up, over the on-board graphics.
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