*sigh* ...just awaiting for my new RAM to arrive...
#1 05-02-2019 
Well, I finished the first part of my 2019 complete playthrough of Dragon Age. I'd completed Origins, and was happily searching for Morrigan in the Witch Hunt expansion when I started getting BSODs - the kind that completely shut down your machine to a blue screen and a bunch of tech-speak about Memory_Management and page_fault_in_nonpaged_areas etc. Oopsie. Then it crashed while researching what to do about it all on Google. Then it wouldn't start at all.

After much tears, gnashing of teeth, a massive 800milligrams-of-ibuprofen headache, and prayers... I tried my old "Vista" gaming machine. It is partitioned with Vista on one side and Linux Mint on the other. It hasn't been turned on in over a year because it had been dying (the Vista side is dead) and I had rescued my parents old W7 machine - which worked splendidly for my on-line business, the sims, and DA (after I cleaned everything off it) and has been a great machine... until the BSODs of a few days ago. Anywho... the Linux side works fine. I'm using it now. But, it is Linux. No games. No photoshop. I can't work (I need pictures/photoshop to add listings to my etsy shops.) And, I can't play (Lee, I'm tired of your games - but, thanks, they are fun until they are the only ones available to me.) *sigh* So... yeah. I'm posting a pity thread Sad while I wait for my new RAM to get here.

I hope that's all my poor machine needs. It was built in 2009, and the original 6GB of memory were generic cheap sticks. I bought 8GB of Corsair - not the fancy heat-spreading stuff that my old "Gaming Rig" (the Vista) machine has, but still, I hope, better than what it had. And, hopefully, that will solve the problems.

So there. Got any extra positive vibes to send my way? Thanks! Flower
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#2 06-02-2019 
Sending hugs until the RAM arrives. Prays it does the trick!

#3 06-02-2019 
Thanks, Karen Heart I'm re-discovering the joys of reading. I spent the last several hours in London, 1660-ish. And, while that may not have been the best time to visit - the book is very good and has taken me out of my doldrums.

ETA - It WORKS!!! Yay! Yay! Yay! :happy dance:
The new RAM arrived. I installed it without shorting out my machine. And, it works!
Life is good again Big Grin
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