#11 30-04-2019 
Just about anything from Core 2 Duo quad, up to i7-5500, as long as you have a 256gb, or better nVidia, or Radeon video card, and at least 6gb/RAM. Best desktop I ever had for "Simming", had a Q6700 Core2Duo-Quad, 8gb/RAM, Win7hp, and a 512mb nVidia 8800 video card.

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Hi Kunder, does sims 2 ulitmate collection work with lenovo Y545?

#13 12-09-2019 
Would this be a second computer?

No. The RTX card is an issue, it still runs Win10, it's a 9thGen CPU, and even the GTX 1660 card it may have, AND the on-board video, would be an issue.

Something like this:

Or better yet:

Either way, you'll need Win7 for them to run TS2 flawlessly. That's easy enough to procure.
You'll need to download the Wi-Fi drivers first, for Win 7 off Lenovo's website.

You'll need to take some time to get it together. Not hard, and pretty quick for me. I don't know how computer "savvy" you are.

Both these computers will meet TS2 requirements, they will both be cheaper than the Y595, and easier to work on, for upgrades.

Upgrades are affordable for both. Let me know. I can give you a running list of what you'll need, and where to get it. Wouldn't be much.
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Hi Kunder - would the following be suitable? (Windows 10 aside - willing to rollback to win 7 if that's possible)

Lenovo Thinkpad T470s

Intel Core i5 7th Gen i5-7300U 2.6GHz Processor, 12GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Intel HD 5500 graphics, Windows 10 64-Bit Installed

Also available for consideration: Lenovo Thinkpad: T560 or T550, Thank you so much!

#15 31-07-2020 

Win7 "officially" does not support Kaby Lake, but I HAVE been able to load Win7Pro, on a couple of them. Personally, any more, I wouldn't go any higher than SkyLake (6thGen).

Make a computer image with Macrium Reflect, then try it. Make SURE you can find ALL the Win7 drivers FIRST, before you do this!

Another thing. If you have only on-board video, and a "U" processor, good luck. I haven't had any luck getting TS2 running on a "U" processor, without nVidia, or Radeon graphics, properly.

The T470s, is not a very good gaming machine without a dGPU.

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@Kunder thank you!


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