Sims 2 texture memory stuck at 512mb
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I have a torrent with all expansions and stuff packs (it's not the Ultimate Collection, though - it's the CD version of the game).

Other changes that I've made to my files, like adding my graphics card and upping the screen resolution, have worked fine, so I think everything is in the right place - C://Program Files (x86)/EA Games/The Sims 2 Mansion and Garden Stuff/TSData/Res/Config. I have duplicates of my edited video card and graphics rules files in the CSConfig folder, also.

#12 25-02-2019 
Ok, if you can iron out the issues you have, the Intel, on-board graphics will work, and won't damage your machine at all. Actually, I recommend it. Running on nVidia graphics, may present more of a problem.

Download DX9c, DX10, and DX11. You can try each one and see which one works. I had Sims 2 running perfectly on my 7thGen, MSI, with the on-board, HD630 "Iris" graphics, using DX11. However, YMMV. I also use a NoCD version, that seems to run well on just about anything I install it on. (within reason).


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