No custom glasses while sleeping?
#1 01-03-2019 
Is there a way to edit custom accessories under glasses section so that sims wouldn't wear them while sleeping, swimming etc.? I know that the original glasses are automatically of while sims changes to PJs and so on.

#2 01-03-2019 
If these accessories aren't removed when the sim changes to PJs, my logic tells me it must mean that they haven't been *properly* set to use the glasses slot.
But to be perfectly honest, I can't tell you how to do that, either. Because I've never looked at the creation of glasses and/or accessories.
I can only suggest that you look at all the properties and flags on a pair of Maxis glasses, and try to recreate the exact same conditions on the accessory that you're working on.

#3 01-03-2019 
Have you tried J Fades's Wardrobe Wrangler?
I seem to remember fixing all my custom glasses/jewelry with it...

#4 02-03-2019 
Thank you both for your answers! I edited the XMOL file in simpe so that category value is 0x00001327 and bin is 0x00000000 and it seems to work! The wardrobe wrangler didn't work for the glasses for some reason but it was great for the clothing so thank you very much!

#5 02-03-2019 
Thank you for letting us know, @omena. I'm glad you got it to work. Well done!!!

I was afraid that my response would be too generic; that it would not be helpful at all. Apparently, it *did* help, though. Very gratifying to know.


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