Have cloned object pull original textures and mesh
#1 17-03-2019 
Hello lovely people. Hope this is the right place to ask this...

I'm doing some object hacking and I was wondering if there's an easy way to clone an object so that it will just repository to the original object. I'm basically only interested in changing the code a bit so I don't see any reason why I can't do this. I have found tutorials to map textures to new meshes but that method does not make much sense when the original model is untouched and being referenced from the original object.

Anyway just wondering if I'm missing something or if I need to use the roundabout method. Hope someone can help!

#2 18-03-2019 
Is this for sims2? If so, I do know how to do this.

#3 18-03-2019 
If your using the original mesh as well, I would suggest also ticking the box in object workshop that says "reference original mesh".

#4 19-03-2019 
It is for sims 2, yes. Sorry I should have specified.

#5 19-03-2019 
In that case lunie is correct, tick the reference original mesh. I think you will then need to reference all the textures using the repository technique ( master / slave ) and then you will be able to remove all the textures and mmats from the package.

#6 28-03-2019 
Hit a huge roadblock I can't figure out.

If I clone an object and reference the original mesh then it seems that there's no cres in the package for me to edit as per the tutorial I am trying to follow.

For reference, it's this one: https://hugelunatic.com/?p=603

I can't seem to find any tutorials that are different or help me with my "this object does not seem to have all these resources" issue.

#7 28-03-2019 
Indeed, the cres represents the skeleton of the object. If you want to change the skeleton then you cannot reference the object.

#8 03-04-2019 
Just wanted to update and say I did it the 'hard' roundabout way and it works.

#9 03-04-2019 
And what do you mean by the hard way?


Sorry, that is a members only option