The Sims 2 Takes a Long Time to Boot Up
#11 26-03-2019 
Yes, we should report the problem but I'm not very optimistic that they are going to change anything for a few clients.

#12 26-03-2019 
Where there are two people with a problem, there are bound to be more. And while I agree that there is no reason for great optimism, pessimism is a guarantee that the problem remains unsolved. I'm sure they would not enjoy a reputation of letting their customers hang in mid air with a broken driver.
If you don't at least *try*, they will not know that something is wrong, and nothing is going to happen. And yes, in that case, they will have let you down. But you'll also have let yourself down.
But if you report the issue, there is still the *possibility* that they take action, and then you would be able to play your game normally again. Of course, they might also ignore you. But then *you* will have the satisfaction of knowing that YOU have done the best that you could.

So I would advise that you both at least try!
But I'm not the boss of you, of course. It's your own decision.

#13 28-03-2019 
Yes, you are right. I've tried to report the problem yesterday but AMD want to know everything about my comp and all the settings. There are apparent 100 questions to answer. I did'nt have the nerves yesterday to go through that stuff and stopped after a few questions.
This issue is only with TS2. TS3 starts normally. Perhaps the game is simply too old for this new graphic card.
I could try a fresh installation of TS2 but I fear that could fail and I would lost the game. Okay, I could change the graphic card with my old one xD but I prefer to wait 5 minutes for the start of the game.
In addition I'm still testing all the settings in the '.sgrs' and the security settings and approvals in Windows. I don't give up that fast.

#14 28-03-2019 
Very well, @MrsReval. The most important thing is that YOU can live with the consequences of your choice. So this problem has --for the moment-- been "solved" at least to YOUR satisfaction.
If you get stuck again, or change your mind, I'll gladly try to help you further if I can.

Best of luck and happy simming.

#15 29-03-2019 
Thank you so much for your kind wishes! Happy simming, too!

#16 29-03-2019 
As I said in an earlier post. Try to use dual boot. There are many YouTube vids on how to do this. Make SURE you image your drive first.

Use one boot configuration for TS2, with all the old drivers installed that work with it.
Use the other boot config with the UPDATED drivers for everything else.

#17 03-04-2019 
Thank you for trying to help! Until recently I had a dual boot config with Windows 7 installed on a second HD because I don't like Windows 10 that much. But now I have a new SSD and I formatted the other HDs and deleted Windows 7 since the support will end in 1/2020 anyway and the AMD software is the same for Windows 7 and 10.

#18 03-04-2019 
I work with ONLY Win 7. They can end support all they want, but I'm not going to stop using it.

#19 03-04-2019 
I think I should reinstall Windows 7.Smile With Windows 10 I have the uncomfortable feeling not to be the master of my own comp. You're are absolutely right with your decision.

#20 03-04-2019 
You've interpreted my feelings correctly, @MrsReval. <3 Because that's exactly why I made that decision, indeed: I want to remain in control of my system.
Added bonus is, that The Sims 2 is just so much easier to get to work in Windows 7, than it is in Windows 10. Big Grin


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