The Sims 2 Takes a Long Time to Boot Up
#31 08-04-2019 
That's true.

#32 09-04-2019 
@MrsReval it is super easy to use, you can extract the disk contents and then save those as folders, run the exe from inside the folders and it just installs. Are you using the old 4cd set for base game or a one disk DVD?

#33 11-04-2019 
I've already tried this way but without any software. I've got an alert to insert the CD into the drive.Smile No, the basegame is on one CD. After the CD No. 1 from the 4 CD set had been distroyed in a brandnew drive I've got a new drive from Dell and had to buy a new basegame.

#34 11-04-2019 
Yeah, I used the poweriso virtual drive to load the DVD/CD image and so when I got the alert to insert the CD/DVD I had something to load the CD/DVD on to. You could try daemon tools if you have an image.

#35 11-04-2019 
Yes, I will probably use poweriso but I'm always waiting til I'm at a dead end.

#36 10-08-2020 
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Okay, so I bought myself a new Hp laptop 17 inch with AMD Ryzen 7, 16gb ram, I manage to repair game for best performance on Windows 10 but booting the game is taking to loong! so I tried everything to repair that but no luck! only thing that helps reduce waiting is to open task manager and set priority on High, from 10 min waiting it takes like 3-4 min! but still 3-4 min just to boot the game is meeh! I have been contacted AMD since this is the problem only with them! I got respond that The Sims 2 is the older game and it works differently than a newer games! I have been told that I should open AMD software on my laptop and turn off everything that AMD automatically set up for the gaming! Options like Radeon anti lag, Radeon Chill, V-sync and so on! And Actually it works!, well half way The sims 2 on my laptop is now booting less then 2 min!! Better than before I guess!


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