Hello guys!
#11 03-04-2019 
What do you both fix, for example?

#12 03-04-2019 
Ah, @MrsReval, if you have to ask, then probably you haven't run into my collection of mods yet.
@leefish is known for crafting many beautiful doors, windows, desks and shelves, among others.

#13 03-04-2019 
After my post I realized immediatly that it was a dumb question, sorry. Of course I know (and have) Leefish's creations but I must admit that I haven't seen your nice collection. I have already so many hacks in my game that I didn't feel the need of more. But now, I will take a look.

#14 03-04-2019 
Dumb questions do not exist. Only questions that invoke either dumb or obvious answers. But even those questions are asked for a purpose. Sometimes, one just doesn't know (yet).
If you're going to look anyway, I might just as well point out a few highlights; mods that are frequently listed as essential:

BO - Unlimited Sims
BO - No Sim Loaded
BO - No Trash Memories

#15 18-04-2019 
hey there, I'm from Germany too. Which part are you from? I'm from Berlin.

#16 20-04-2019 
Hi, I live near Amsterdam.Big Grin
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#17 20-04-2019 
*gna* really hoped you'd be closer by I would love to meet some other simmers in real live
still great to meet you here


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