Objects flashing blue only in playmode
#1 31-03-2019 
Hi again!

I noticed this small but annoying problem after decorating community lots. Some objects seem fine in buy and build mode but part of them start to flash blue as if they are missing a texture in play mode. The CC objects in question are for example a recolor of a custom bush and a custom jewellery stand. I have ultimate collection and many mods. If the problem persist I just have to get rid of them but if anyone could help it would be really appreciated!

#2 01-04-2019 
It does sound like a missing texture, have you contacted the creator?

#3 01-04-2019 
No sadly I wasn't able to contact the creator. I thought because the texture is not actually missing in buy mode that there is some kind of error in linking the textures that I could maybe fix in simpe or something.

#4 01-04-2019 
I have this on a few things too... It looks fine when on the lot, but in 'hood view it flashes blue. It's aggravating - but I just live with it. *sigh*

Sorry - I'm not really helping here, am I Blush

#5 03-04-2019 
This may not be much help but sometimes the game simply gets confused loading some textures. Some objects are worse offenders than others.

Does the object work on home lots if you save and reload? Have you tried multiple community lots?

#6 03-04-2019 
It might be that the object is looking for an lod90 texture that is not part of the recolor package.

#7 06-04-2019 
Thanks for your suggestions! I will try things and see how it goes! I started with loading the files from different sources in case something was missing.


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