Sims 2 Global 0x01B5 | Age - Get in temp 0...
#1 03-04-2019 
Looking at this BHAV it seems that most of the time it just returns the value of Neighbor's Person Age. Is there any reason to use this? The Person Data can be accessed through the nid anyway if I am correct.
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#2 03-04-2019 
I think it is just a case of this being a built in function rather than it being better/ different.

#3 03-04-2019 
All details about a sim, including its age, are stored in the Characters folder, in so-called character data files. These files are all numbered by Person Instance ID. NOT by Neighbor ID.
So, if you ask for a sim's age by NID -- regardless what method you use--, that NID MUST at some point first be translated to Person Instance ID. So at one point or another, the process WILL include a call to either Global 0x01B5 or a similar routine elsewhere which does the same work: translating NID to PID, and then look up the age or whatever other data is required.


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