The Good Witch is not at the palace of neverending light
#11 11-04-2019 
Ah, I see that just dealing with those two conflicts cleaned up the report quite nicely. Now we can actually see what we are doing there. And the number of real conflicts is not that high, either. It really looks a lot better indeed. It's a pity that it didn't fix the Witches problem yet, but I didn't really think that it would.
Over 6,000 rumours!! I'm actually surprised that it's such a low number for a game that has run over 10 years. But anyway, that stuff is gone now... Smile

Now let's look at some other issues.

I see a number of mods made by MidgeTheTree which all mention Witches. Two of those mods are about "WitchesAreMatchmakers", one WITH a mention of Bigfoot, and one without. I'm absolutely certain that you should not use them both at the same time. Choose which one you want, and throw the other one out.
But actually, you have a problem with your Witches, AND you have a number of different mods that change Witch-stuff. Call me crazy if you wish, but I think there might be a connection.
Would you please move all those Witch-related mods into a special folder on the desktop, so the game no longer loads them? I'm curious what happens to your game if these mods are gone.

And remember, when you've added or deleted some mods, before you run the game, ALWAYS delete the "groups.cache" file in your "My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2" folder first. Otherwise, the game will get confused and break stuff.

Oh, and could you please give me a link to where you got all those mods by MidgeTheTree? I'd like to have a look at them myself, so I can figure out what's going on there. Because right now, I'm actually stumbling about in the dark.

#12 11-04-2019 
I deleted the bigfoot file and tried playing without any of the witch mod files (I didn't know about deleting the groups.cache before!) but unfortunately the evil witch is still there. I downloaded all those mods from their tumblr. Now there's less conflics left though!

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#13 11-04-2019 
That hackreport looks good! I'm going to have a look at those ods now, because I'm quickly running out of ideas.

#14 11-04-2019 
Thank you! I have now got a new problem that appeared just after these last fixes I did. Whenever I play with this couple and try to interact with each other I get Error: missing action string in table. I have attached the error log here if it's any help. It says "Social - Go Steady - TEST" which makes me wonder if it's either ACR or InTeenmater? I was planning to remove ACR in any case.

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#15 11-04-2019 
I'll have a look at that Error for you. Quick question: are Lars and Liam teens?

I see that the file zzz_midgethetree_witchesonlyflyifhavebroom.package is still in your game, so you weren't exactly playing without any witches mods. But you got most of them, anyway, so it's OK. I'll just check that package tyo see what they're trying to do there.

Do you remember where you got the file zzz_midgethetree_RCC-base.package ?? I have no idea from which mod that is!

#16 11-04-2019 
Lars and Liam are adults. Sorry I misunderstood probably! I tried to play with the game without the witch mods but when nothing changed I put them back. Should I have the conflict log without them? That is actually from Reproductive Capabilities Configurer mod.

#17 11-04-2019 
No, putting the witch mods back after the test is fine I guess. And the report is good as it is. But since you said that you removed everything, seeing a report with that file still there, was a little confusing. That's why I had to ask, just to make sure.

I did a little checking (VERY little) and I'm now sure that ACR does not replace the BHAV named "Social - Go Steady - TEST". So this error is NOT an ACR-related problem. Since I do not use Inteen, however, I cannot say if THAT mod is responsible. Anyway, with Laim and Lars being adults, I don't know how that error should be caused, because they should not have the option to go steady, normally. I assume that they ARE in a romantic relationship with each other, though?

Thanks for the link to that RCC mod. I'll check that out as well. (Oh, crap... documentation in a DOC file... that makes it so hard to read Sad )

#18 11-04-2019 
OK, I know one thing for certain: RCC is NOT responsible for the Witch problem, AND it also has nothing to do with the Lars/Liam error. I'm glad I'm not using that mod, though. I like my own Preg-For-All Alien Abduction Toggle method better.

#19 11-04-2019 
Ah I see! I made a test without Inteen and the error didn't occur. I do not know why it suddenly started giving that error since I have had the mod for a very long time. Yes they are in love so they would have the option to go steady because of Inteen I guess. I used the RCC mod actively only once as I chanced how a sim's gender is being treated but otherwise I don't have use for the mod.

#20 11-04-2019 
Yes, I was already afraid of Inteen being the cause of the error. I believe that it may sometimes help to reset their clocks, but I guess that might only be applicable to females. But that is all just conjecture because, as I said, I don't use Inteen at all, and know VERY little about it.

In the meantime, I've made sure that Neder's PlayableMakeWitch mod also has nothing to do with your Witch problem. Soon we'll be out of options, I'm afraid.


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