The Good Witch is not at the palace of neverending light
#21 11-04-2019 
I'm not sure what you mean by resetting clocks? I think I will try to install a newer version of Inteen since I think the oe I have is really old. I wonder if the witch problem isn't something that can be fixed with changing the mods. Can the the palace itself have some kind of bug? would batbox have anything useful if i put it on the lot?

// Installing the newer version of Inteen didn't help but Adults Go Steady mod fixed it. The downside is that I have now 2 "go steady" options in the menu. I don't know what is broken since Inteen is supposedly to have that option by default and it did work before. Oh well.
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#22 13-04-2019 
First of all: If you don't know about the Biological Clocks that come with InTeen and how to reset them, then I KNOW that you didn't read the manual that comes with the mod.
And if you did indeed not read that manual, then I suggest that you uninstall that mod immediately.
Inteen is a complex mod, where you REALLY NEED to know what you are doing. That is why the author, Jase439, included an EXTENSIVE manual. If you ignore all that and just start fumbling about, you're ASKING for trouble.

And AFTER you have thoroughly studied the manual, then it is important that you install the most recent version of InTeen that is compatible with Apartment Life or Mansions & Garden Stuff. More information on that mod is, by the way, available at, where InTeen is available for download, and where the author, Jase439, is known to occasionally drop in.

Secondly, you are the FIRST person I hear of, who has a broken Palace of Neverending Light. If my No Sim Loaded mod didn't fix the problem, then I don't think that there is anything that the BatBox can do, either. We just don't know what WILL fix it, yet.

#23 14-04-2019 
I had installed my old the InTeen apparently in 2009. Now I read the manual again to be sure and I have installed the new correct version.

I haven't been able to make any progress with the palace yet but I was thinking I could compare the lot files of the palace that doesn't work properly and a one that actually works. Thank you for trying to help me with this bizarre problem!

#24 24-04-2019 
I was able to fix the problem! The error occurred because when I started playing with my hood I played the game in Finnish and I now play in English. I just had to change the palace of neverending light's name from the Finnish name to the English one. Now the good witch is back at her own place Smile

#25 24-04-2019 
Oh WOW, I would never have guessed that. Well done on fixing this issue all by yourself, and thank you for telling us about it, @omena.


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