Freezing loading screen
#1 12-04-2019 
I have just downloaded Sims 2 from the 4 disc version. When I try to go into a lot, family or create a family all the bars will fill then go off as if it was loading the last bit but then it would freeze. The timer is still spinning and music is still playing but it isn't loading anymore. I ran as admin, made it run on only 1 core, changed compatibility to Windows XP service pack 3 and I have no custom content. Here is my log. Thanks
.txt  LAPTOP-H7B7IFGP-config-log.txt (Size: 7.69 KB / Downloads: 333)

#2 12-04-2019 
Hi, @ChloeDeCookie

What are your system specs?

First thing is to fix your "<<NOT FOUND IN DATABASE!>>" error.

The.rar below contained the graphics rules AND the right Video Cards.sgr for your video.

This should go in your latest expansion pack. If you have all EP's, that would be "Mansions and Gardens stuff".

GoTo C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Mansion and Garden Stuff\TSData\Res

There are two folders.
CSconfig, and Config.

Go into each of those, rename the Graphics Rules.sgr, and Video Cards.sgr to something like "Graphics Rules1.sgr", and "Video Cards1.sgr".

You'll need to extract the .rar file you just downloaded, and copy/paste each of the extracted files to both "CSconfig, and Config files". Close out everything, re-start the game. See if that helps, and re-check your LAPTOP-H7B7IFGP-config-log.txt file to see if the "<<NOT FOUND IN DATABASE!>>" error has been fixed.

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#3 12-04-2019 
I will try that now

#4 12-04-2019 
The unknown to database is gone now. Here's the new file

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.txt  LAPTOP-H7B7IFGP-config-log.txt (Size: 8.42 KB / Downloads: 333)

#5 12-04-2019 
Your video card has been added to the "Mega" database!
That's better. Smile
Have you tried your game yet?

#6 12-04-2019 
Unfortunately it is still freezing but the graphics are a bit better and it is more zoomed out

I did find this text file from this morning.
.txt  Sims2Exception 2019.04.12 00.49.41.txt (Size: 11.2 KB / Downloads: 300)
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#7 12-04-2019 
Hopefully, someone else will chime in here soon. There are others much better at sorting this problem out than I.

Are you using Windows 10?


#8 13-04-2019 
I am no good with Exceptions at all, though. I'll have a look, but don't expect there to come any good of it...

OK, here is what I make of it:
This is a run of The Sims 2 Base Game without any Expansions or Stuff Packs, and it sees only 1 GB of RAM in the system. Also, it runs with the default Kiri-setting for textureMemory.
Apart from that, I have no idea what I'm looking for.

#9 14-04-2019 
@BoilingOil do u know what could have caused that? Can it be fixed?

#10 14-04-2019 
Is this a torrent? If so we cannot know if you have all the files.


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