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#1 07-05-2019 
Hi I was wondering if someone could make the Modular Stairs from "Romany Life" recolorable so that I would only have one set in my catalog instead of 4 and still could use all colors. They kinda look like one of maxis but they are different so I can't just turn them into a recolor and use it on those. I do know how to make the recolors so if someone could just enable it on one of the stairs (preferrably the red ones) that would be enough.

Shakeshaft has stopped simming several years ago and the steps are from TSR. I know people have very different opinions about that site and TOUs so I really hope it's ok to ask this here.

I know HugeLunatic has written a tutorial on how to make recolorable modular stairs but that's way outta my league Wink

Here are the links to all of them, if you don't wanna visit TSR I can upload them to mediafire or something just let me know:
red, Mauve, blue, wood

Thanks in advance and if I broke any rules by posting this please just delete my post
Greetings, Lucy
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#2 07-05-2019 
If you upload the red one to simfileshare and give the link I will have a go.

#3 07-05-2019 
Unfortunatley I don't have a SFS account I was thinking of registering but I don't usually upload sims-related stuff. So here's a mediafire link if that's ok, if not tell me literally about any other filesharing account where I could register without wait and I'll do it there.
Thank you so very much already!!!

#4 07-05-2019 
I have very good experiences with Dropbox. Very enjoyable to use, and easily accessible from multiple platforms: PC, Apple, Android...

I've used Mediafire before, but found it very unreliable. While I used it, I frequently had to re-upload my materials, because something that they did made it inaccessible. Annoying to the point where I deleted the account. I have never seen any of that in the years since registering with Dropbox.

#5 07-05-2019 
I followed the tutorial, I did not test in game. Try it and see....

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@BoilingOil never had the need to keep a link for a longer time but I did register to dropbox now since it seems to be second choice for most simmers

@leefish Thank you so very much for trying and also so quickly! Unfortunately it's not working. Can't recolor the steps in the game with the design tool. I also tried to use object workshop to recolor it (which usually works for these types) but I only get an empty file. Sad

#7 07-05-2019 
@leefish omg I'm such an idiot, I somehow managed to test the wrong file (I guess even writing RECOLORABLE in caps in the filename wasn't enough for my kind of stupidity!!! :slapselfSmile Anyhow it WORKS!!! I just can't thank you enough this is awesome! HeartHeartHeart

#8 07-05-2019 
3 Posts in a row, wow I should probably go to bed before posting any more nonsense here. The recoloring works on every step except the bottom and top one. I made a screenshot. Sorry for being so annoying Undecided

[Image: ndnfp1.jpg]

#9 08-05-2019 
You are not being annoying Smile . I can't look at it again today, but I can check it on Thursday. I might have missed one of the design mode enabled thingies, or picked the wrong mmat as default true. Sorry about the delay.

What it could be is me just renaming stuffs..... Try removing the RECOLORABLE from the file name and place a new set of steps.

#10 08-05-2019 
Sure take your time, I'm really thankful you are doing this for me!
I did rename it so that the script would pick it up again (which is also why I did use the wrong file in my first try then *lol*) so that's not it. I also actually checked the design mode enable cause that's one of the few things I read about in the tutorials. They all looked fine but like I said, it's half-knowledge only on my side Wink . The mmat with default true is the bridge. I tested it in two different AGS-Minigames with all EPs&Stuffpacks enabled. Other recolorable stairs work there.
Probably just a super tiny thing that needs changing but that's the reason I never could be a modder I would always forget things and never have the patience to try and find it Wink


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