Access Violation Error with Windows 7, DVD's all EXP and Stuff packs
#11 21-05-2019 
Some good news. I started with. Y mods CC and I took out a Shaklin vampire mod and Pescado’s creature fixes, and lo and behold, I played for a couple of hours with no crashes. Fingers crossed that between getting the card squared away and getting rid of some mods, I might, just might, be able to play without crashes. I’m hopeful.

#12 21-05-2019 
Oh wow. Now that is good news. Congrats on some crash-free sessions! Well done!

I'm not sure if you really need to drop the Creature fixes -- most people have no problems with that mod -- though, but this is certainly a big step forward. You might try re-downloading both mods and try again. And perhaps, if the problem returns, you could drop ONLY Shaklin's mod and see if that fixes it. Sometimes, these things are a bit of trial and error.

#13 21-05-2019 
Truth be told, I only removed the creature fixes because I don’t really use it. My neighborhood started out as a supernatural one, but over time has kind of evolved into more of a regular hood. I don’t know I ended up with Shaklin’s vampire mod, because I have tried both it and Black Spirit’s vampire mod and I prefer Black Spirit’s mod. So, for now, I’m just going to keep play testing and see how it goes. I’m also taking out some of the Inteenimater flavor packs I don’t really use and reduce those conflicts. I’m not understanding why a mod would conflict with itself, but the HDCU tells me it does.

#14 21-05-2019 
Very well. Then I now think I know why your game crashed before: you has two Vampire mods from different authors in there... Both with the same overall intention, but different ways of working. That almost NEVER ends well.

There is a good reason why a mod conflicts with itself. The parts in the flavor pack are different versions of some parts in the main InTeen files. The different versions are needed to make the game work one way with the flavor pack, but another way without it. Not all conflicts are bad conflicts. That depends on what the author intended to do. Some of my mods also conflict with each other, or with other parts of themselves.
That's why it is important to carefully read the descriptions of mods, and if there is an RTFM (a manual), to read that as well. They explain which conflicts are OK, and which are not.

#15 22-05-2019 
Well, I didn’t have both vampire mods in at the same time. But I did run the HDCU and noticed Shaklin’s mod was conflicting with something. That’s when it dawned on me that I had the wrong mod. I don’t play my vampire house often, or I would noticed sooner. Honestly, I just keep the vampires around to have another way to kill off Sims that I get tired of playing. I have short attention span, apparently. Hahaha.


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