Hello Leefish et al . . .
#21 28-05-2019 
I plead "guilty" to talking to my Simmies. For me, I like to create, and build. I also like to get involved with these stupid, little "peoples" lives. Holding them by the hand from the time they're "Plumb Bobbed" into the world, til the time the Grim Reaper comes a callin'. I think I have a "God" complex or something.Tongue

I used to play "Neo-Pets" with my daughters when they were very, little girls. Well, one just got out of the U.S. Navy, and the younger, is still in the U.S. Army. I needed a "filler" for Neo-Pets, once they got old enough to no longer want to play, and then I discovered TS2. Been hooked ever since. I actually play The Sims, like I did Neo-Pets. My "Simmies" are well, cared for, happy, and spoiled rotten. Just the way I like them.

My oldest daughter (Navy Girl) currently lives with us. A few years ago, I gave her my ThinkPad T420 "Dora", which included a fresh install of TS2. She plays it alot. As a matter of fact, that's what she's doing right now. Playing TS2 over on the couch! Smile

Can't imagine what life would be like, to not have TS2 in it. They're cute, and fun!


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