Jones' Family Update
#1 08-07-2019 
Well, yeah. It's been one of those lifes recently. For anyone who doesn't know, we're expecting our fourth kiddo next month (yes, we were quite surprised too). Which obviously comes with plenty of worries, but also (now) it's own excitement too. I mean, I've been cooking this little bean (another girl!) for months now, I'm obviously excited to meet her (and for her to just not be beating me up from the inside all the time anymore). Two weeks ago, Bay, our 10 y/o, had a seizure early in the morning. So we've had appointments left and right. She went to Children's Hospital in Columbus Friday for an EEG. Our pediatrician got the results today. They did see some abnormalities that may indicate a possibility of future seizures but nothing 100% conclusive yet. She has an appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow because they also did a lipids test (because she's just at the age for one) and her cholesterol was slightly high. Hopefully we'll discuss more about the EEG results then too because I could only half hear the lady on the phone today. Elise, our 7 y/o (probably) has a short tendon and has to see the ortho at Children's and most likely do physical therapy. That's nothing that I'm concerned about, other than how much it adds to an already crazy schedule these days. She doesn't go to see the ortho till the beginning of August. I wont be able to drive for weeks after Quinn (the baby) is born because she'll be a c-section, so that could be an issue with therapy for Elise, but we'll figure something out I'm sure. Anywho, I think that's everything. I just needed to vent and will gladly take any prayers/good thoughts/good vibes/etc anyone send our way!
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#2 09-07-2019 
Love. Hugs. Prayers. OMG! Congratulations! ...and Oh Nooooooooes - I hope Bay will be OK! (I've been following that on FB too Reading - and praying...)

Wow! You guys don't ever do things halfway do you? Please know ya'll are at the top of my list - sending you every sort of warm fuzzy thought I can find Heart

...and you're gonna havta change your tag: a.k.a amotherofFOURgirls... Celebrate

#3 09-07-2019 
Strength and best wishes with all that, Jones. You guys have a full plate.

#4 10-07-2019 
Oy! Soooooooooooo today at the lipids appointment we got a LOT of dietary restrictions...which for Bay is quite the challenge. A) she's already a picky eater. B) Her PKU already limits her meat proteins to only poultry. Any lean meat is great for her new diet, but we're restricted to poultry because of her PKU. Luckily her doctor said not to just cut everything out at once, but essentially the end goal is very low fat, no carbs, very low sugar (with most of the allowed sugar coming from fruit), high protein. *bangs head* I'm all for it honestly, our whole family should eat better, BUT we're also dirt poor and survive a lot on food pantries. It's a sad fact but it's sooooooo much cheaper (here in the States especially) to eat crap than it is to eat healthy. So this is going to be a huge challenge for us.

Also, thanks, Cat and BoilingOil!

#5 10-07-2019 
Cheap high protein crap shouldn't be the biggest problem, if there's some burger joint nearby, but then you'd still have to deal with all the fat and carbs. So that may not actually be helpful at all. Sad

#6 10-07-2019 
Not only the fat and carbs, but she also can't have beef. Only meat she can have is poultry, because of her PKU.

#7 10-07-2019 
Oh, crap, sorry. My bad. Unlike my digestive system, my briam obviously doesn't process poultry. Also, I had (and have) no idea what PKU stands for...

Oh, Google: explain please? (going to google PKU now...)

EDIT: Done, now I know more... not good Sad

#8 10-07-2019 
Her case is a mild one, not Classic PKU, and we've always had a pretty easy time keeping her PHe levels in check. So she's not had any of the delays associated with Classic. It's just the combo of the two different (somewhat conflicting) diets that's going to be an issue :/

And I have no idea how to spell (or pronounce) the full condition PKU stands for, lol. Thank goodness Google knows Wink

#9 10-07-2019 
You mean Phenylketonuria? That term wouldn't have helped me any more. I would still have had to ask google about it, i.e.: look it up on the web. Smile

#10 10-07-2019 
Life hurts. We all have our injuries. But we will overcome both injuries and life: not so because we want to, but because it's deeply written in us. Courage and faith, not necessarily in some sort of a God, but faith in our reality, that has to tend to the best!

Sending love to the Jones family! Smile


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