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#1 25-07-2019 
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Hi everyone. I've recently become a little too invested in a project that might be over my head. I came across these customizable photos: It's a cool concept that I wished I knew existed years ago. I'd like to have the functionality of the "Choose Image to Paint" of the verticle photo on a completely different frame. My idea is to have this on small square, horizontal, and vertical frames for easy family pictures without using simpe.

I've been trying to add this functionality to a cc frame I downloaded as a test, but since I'm not a modder or mesher, I'm stuck. When I change the photo in game the Choose a Painting dialog comes up, but the inside texture flashes blue (frame is ok). I assume I'm missing something that pulls the new texture into the game, but there is so much weird stuff in Lucas's modded picture that it's hard for me to tell what's missing.

Can anyone take a look at my modded file and compare it to the original and give me some pointers on where I'm going wrong?

.zip  Annalea Poor Attempt at (Size: 167 KB / Downloads: 357)


Sorry, that is a members only option