Sims 2 Crashing :(
#1 12-08-2019 
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Hello! I'm really hoping someone can help me!

I recently bought a computer to actually play the sims 2, little did i know that windows 10 was so dead set against it.
I have the Origin UC version, it crashes constantly even with graphics on low and the 4gb patch on.
I have tried to apply the graphics fix with the tool but i'm a bit of a goober with these things and couldn't make it work ( as soon as i applied the correct card the game then wouldn't load and brought up the DirectX problem.)
I have also followed the Youtube tutorial from the jessa channel to apply both the 4gb patch and the memory allocation fix ( these both work but don't stop the crashing.).

If anyone could help it would be muchly appreciated!

Thanks for looking!

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#2 13-08-2019 
Read this:

There are a couple things you may want to try, before getting a second machine.

You can try this suggestion from @citrusalex, in this thread, post #13.

If this doesn't work, you'll have to go my route


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