CleanInstaller vs. DDO Duplicate finding
#1 13-08-2019 

I'm sorting CC again (actually not even mine helping a friend with 60.000+ files!) and I'm using Clean Installer and Delphy's Download Organizer to try and find all the orphans and duplicates. Now with Orphans I'm used to that I might have to check in game again if it really is an orphan or if it really isn't one Tongue but I always thought that the duplicate finding would be save because of the MD5-Hashsum.

Now my problem:
I have a set of files that DDO shows me as duplicates with the same MD5-Sum but CleanInstaller Shows that same files as NOT duplicates and completely different hashsums Sad

Those Files are all Replacements for Faces I don't know if that's the problem. I'm actually having 2 problems now
1. Can I even trust the duplicate find anymore? does it just depend on the download type?
2. Is there a way to figure out if those Face replacements are the same without having to test them all in game? It's sets for all 27 or so faces in all age ranges and I'm guessing I have 2 complete sets of replacements but I can't tell which files belongs to set 1 or 2. The filenames are just like "facefile_adultfemale01-heart"

Would be great if someone could answer any of those questions or if theres any other programm out there that would help me better I'd appreciate that too.
I'm used to only sort build/buy/NHood objects so I'm kinda challenging myself now trying to sort tons of bodyshop content Tongue

Oh and please don't tell me to just delete and start over, that's not an option and also I love sorting files (I wish I could do that as a full-time job!) I kinda love spending hours of trying to figure out where a download originally came from and what it is. Just wish I had some more/better tools helping me do that.

Thank you!
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